Social Media Promotions 101: Contests, Giveaways, Surprise & Delight

Posted by | July 16

Throughout my career, one thing that has irked me the most is when someone improperly refers to a sweepstakes as […]

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Snapchat Rolls Out New Updates

Posted by | July 15

If there is one social network that has seen monumental growth this year, it would be Snapchat. With the increase […]

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Facebook Reach & Frequency Campaigns: How They Can Help & Hurt Your Brand

Posted by | July 14

With the significant decline of organic reach on Facebook, it’s all but mandatory to pay for branded content to be […]

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5 Tips to Setting Your Social Media Budget in 2016

Posted by | July 13

As we are half-way through the year, many marketers are starting the exercise of looking ahead to 2016 and beginning to think about what their social […]

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As Engagement Falls, Facebook Focus Switches (Again) | Social You Should Know

Posted by | July 12

Engagement Falls, Facebook Starts Talking About “Time Spent” Can a marketer get a retweet? While Facebook works to encourage users […]

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Writing Inspiration for Community Managers in a Writing Rut

Posted by | July 9

Let’s face it, writing for social can be hard. Sometimes, you’re in a rut, trying to think up the wittiest […]

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The Next Big Thing in Social, Or the Next Big Social Strategy?

Posted by | July 9

Recently I was asked the question “What’s the next big thing in social?”.  Immediately I had a flood of possibilities come […]

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5 tactics on Snapchat that Brands Should be Exploring

Posted by | July 8

In 2011, when Snapchat showed the first signs of potential and I signed up, the only point I saw in the network […]

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The Real Reason Why Facebook is Accounting for Time Spent

Posted by | July 7

In early June, Facebook announced the latest algorithm change: it will now not just factor in Likes, Comments, or Shares […]

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Beyond eCommerce: What Twitter Product Pages and Collections Mean for Brands

Posted by | July 6

Following the move of Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram in introducing new functionality and eCommerce ad units, Twitter’s most recent announcement […]

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