How Brands Can Leverage Everyday Messaging Apps

Posted by | September 1

We recently walked you through a high-level understanding of what you need to know about global mobile messaging applications. Now, […]

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Why You Shouldn’t Separate Paid Media From Social

Posted by | September 1

The Wall Street Journal recently reported on Forrester Research findings that Facebook ads outperform those on other social sites.  At […]

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Influencer Marketing Effectiveness Continues to Rise; New Research Supports Facebook Impressions | Social You Should Know

Posted by | August 31

The Effectiveness of Influencer Marketing Continues to Rise As we mentioned last week, content marketing budgets are continuing to increase, […]

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Twitter Event Targeting Creates A New Way to Reach Audiences

Posted by | August 27

Twitter is stepping up their targeting game. Last month they introduced event targeting, which allows advertisers to reach audiences interested […]

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The Evolution of Influencer Marketing

Posted by | August 26

In summer 2008, I signed onto Blogspot and began writing my story. I wrote almost every day, mostly sharing personal, […]

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4 Athletics Brands Changing the Game With Social Video

Posted by | August 24

There’s something inherently inspiring about athletics brands, isn’t there? They don’t make us better athletes, but these brands – from […]

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Content Marketing Grows, Social Networks Slow | Social You Should Know

Posted by | August 23

Content Marketing Budgets to Increase 59% by 2017 Content marketing and native advertising budgets are set to increase 59% and […]

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The Misperceptions of Sweepstakes Sweepers

Posted by | August 21

There is a common misperception among the world of promotions that Sweepers – people who are work-from-home sweepstakes contestants – […]

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Carusele Secures $500,000 From New and Existing Investors to Expand

Posted by | August 19

Our sister company, Carusele, announced today that it’s raised $500,000 in new investment to help fuel growth. After launching in […]

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