How to write better prompts for your AI content

How to Write Better Prompts for AI Writing: Social Content 

AI writing isn't that complicated — or at least if you know how to talk AI. With that, here's a few effective ways to get your prompt-writing game to top-notch. 
AI writing

Artificial Intelligence is becoming more and more integrated into our normal daily lives, from banking to self-driving cars. Writing is no exception; AI can be used to generate content for marketing campaigns or automate blog entries. But in order for this to work, you must first provide clear and concise instructions on what the AI should be writing about. That’s where prompts come in — they help guide the AI to create accurate and meaningful written pieces. 

However, keep in mind that no matter how good your prompts are; there’s always the possibility that the AI will simply make stuff up. That said, there’s a lot you can do when crafting prompts to ensure the best possible outcome.  Here are a few ways you need to consider before writing your AI prompts

What is an AI Prompt? A prompt is a set of instructions to tell the AI what to write about. It helps guide the AI so it can create an accurate and meaningful piece in return. Think of it as a command, brief or instruction.

Understand the purpose of AI prompts 

It’s important to understand why you’re writing a prompt in the first place — what story or message are you trying to tell? Think about what topics would be relevant and interesting to your target audience and how they fit into your overall goal. 

Think of talking to AI tools as if you’re literally talking to a real person — you need to spell things out for the best results. For a while now, and especially since we’ve launched, we’ve been mastering our prompt writing and have discovered a way to speak the right language to the AI. There’s an art of writing prompts that enable our robot friends to understand and respond to human language.  

So how do you talk to an AI?  

Learn how to talk to the AI 

The best tip is to think about how an AI would interpret your words and provide clear, unambiguous instructions that the algorithm can understand. This means you must ensure accuracy with language and avoid ambiguity to make sure the AI understands exactly what you’re telling it. 

Remember, the quality of output you get from AI depends on the quality of input you provide to it. It means the AI can provide you with unique and compelling content if you know how to talk to your AI. 

When prompting to your AI, use simple but precise phrasing; don’t try too hard by using overly complicated words or terms. Think of this as having a conversation with your robot friend: you want to be polite and respectful yet still make sure your instructions are understood. 

Be Your AI’s Guide 

Some people think of it the other way — letting the AI guide them and tell them what to write, like cheating on a term paper. But it’s important to remember that you should be the one guiding your AI. You’ve got the ideas, you just need someone to help you articulate them.  

Consider including examples, outlining key points, or even giving specific directions on how to structure the content. It’s also important to make sure your prompts are written in conversational language so that they’re easier for the AI to understand and process accurately. Again, talk to it as if it’s a friend. 

Additionally, make sure your prompts are not too long — keep them concise and to the point. Too much information can be overwhelming for an AI, so it’s important to provide just enough details without going overboard. 

Our AI Formula for Writing Social Content 

While developing and comparing it alongside other AI generative systems, we’ve developed an AI formula that can help you craft better prompts for AI Writing. When writing AI prompts, here are a few things you can keep in mind:  

  • Tone — Sets the feel or context  
  • Brief — What you want it to do, instruction 
  • Audience — Who are you targeting? To whom is the content for? 
  • Data — Source data or examples 

From that, here’s a well-written prompt you can use: 

Imagine you’re a full-time content creator working at a social media marketing agency (tone). Write a witty social media caption for promoting a new product on IKEA’S most flexible worktable (brief) for social media managers (audience). Place an emphasis on affordability and comfortability (data). 

How to write better prompts

Not bad at all, but that doesn’t end there. You can either write more, or ask the AI to add more to the content.  

  • Time — Add a specific time period, such as last April 2023 
  • Constraints — Add your desired character length, such as write in 250 words  

Now, we can chat to the AI with: 

Add more to the content with the IKEA’s most flexible table launched last April 02, 2023 (time) and make the content up to 250 words (constraints). 

How to write better AI Prompts

SocialCraft.AI Version 

Our favorite part of is the way we make it easy for you to just write your prompt, choose your channel, tone and the length. All while giving emphasis to your product or brand. Here’s how we do it. 

  • Choose your social channel 
  • Brief — Describe what your brand is, such as a specific beauty, skincare, or tech product 
  • Tone  
  • Number of characters 

Socialcraft AI

From that we can use: 

  • Social channel — Instagram 
  • About the brand – Ignite Skin is a luxury skincare brand using cruelty-free and all- organic ingredients 
  • Tone — Authentic 
  • Characters— 400 

Socialcraft IG Captions

Voila! 10 good caption starters. To ensure you’re getting the most of it, add more prompts to the AI on the chat column just below. Wherein you can grab your best caption starter and just simply: 

Spark your radiant glow with our all-natural, sumptuous skincare products 😍 Embrace the strength of organic beauty ✨ (Generated caption) add more to this caption and make it longer (added prompt) 

See how we did there? Simple and conversational. From it, we got. 

Socialcraft AI Prompts

Don’t forget to make some personal tweaks (or prompt the AI to give you hashtags). Remember, you are the writer and not the AI. 

Socialcraft ai hashtag generator

Generated Caption: 

Ignite your radiant glow with our all-natural, sumptuous skincare products 😍 Embrace the strength of organic beauty, and indulge in a luxurious experience that leaves your skin feeling nourished and rejuvenated ✨  

Our carefully crafted, cruelty-free formulas cater to even the most discerning beauty enthusiast while prioritizing kindness towards our furry friends 🐾  

At Ignite Skin, we believe in blending world-class luxury with ethically sourced ingredients, providing you with exceptional skincare products that not only enhance your natural allure but also contribute positively to the environment 🌍  

Discover the ultimate guilt-free skincare experience today and elevate your daily routine with the unparalleled power and elegance of Ignite Skin 🌟🌿🌺 

#IgniteYourGlow #RadiantSkin #NaturalSkincare #OrganicBeauty #LuxuriousExperience #NourishedSkin #Rejuvenate #CrueltyFree #EthicalBeauty #EcoFriendly #GuiltFreeSkincare #ElevateYourRoutine #PowerOfNature #IgniteSkin 🍃✨🌸 

There you have it — Social media content tailored to your liking, needs and conditions. If we’d used a real product, would have used real attributes already online to add to the response.  

Writing prompts for AI isn’t as daunting or complicated as it may seem. Just like any other conversation, the key is knowing what to say and how to say it in a way that your AI can understand. With practice and guidance, you’ll be able to craft better prompts with ease. 


No matter what generative AI tool you use, remember that smart technology isn’t here to replace humans, but to help them.  So the next time you’re writing an AI prompt, remember to be your assistant’s guide and patron — it might just surprise you with what it can do for you!  

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