Branded Social Content We Love October 2023

Creating standout social media content can be a challenge, but looking at what other brands are doing well can provide some valuable inspiration. In their most recent video, social media experts Taylor and Sara from Ignite Social Media shared five examples of branded social content they loved and why those posts worked so effectively.

You can watch along in this fast-paced, 5-minute video below. But if you prefer to read along, we’ve also listed each below and embedded the posts for convenience.

1.     Starbucks’ Pumpkin Spice Season

Starbucks made a simple but eye-catching post to announce the return of its iconic pumpkin spice latte on August 24th. Featuring a photo of a pumpkin with the Starbucks logo subtly carved into it and the text “Pumpkin spice season is back 8/24,” the post needs no explanation.

The post visually conveys the message that pumpkin spice latte season has returned in a way that is instantly recognizable to Starbucks fans. The extra shadow work on the pumpkin also adds depth and makes it more visually compelling.

This is a great example of using simple, seasonal creative to generate excitement and engagement from your audience.


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2.     Tropical Smoothie Cafe’s New Mango Smoothie

To promote its new mango smoothie, Tropical Smoothie Cafe got playful with slicing and floating mangos to spell out “mangoes on mangoes” in a fun video clip. The video’s bright colors and fruity theme mirrors the product and packaging, while the charming mango slices add personality.

This shows how you can take a standard product announcement and make it more lively and engaging through video and character. The simplicity of the copy “mangoes on mangoes” perfectly matches the straightforward concept.

This is a great way to make an ordinary post stand out in the feed and get people excited to try something new.


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3.     Riot Games Shows a New Angle

Riot Games offered a fresh perspective on familiar content by showing one of its popular game champions doing their signature move in dramatic slow motion.

This behind-the-scenes style reminds fans that even things they see constantly in the game are impressively detailed and crafted. The rare point of view and new attention to detail generates more appreciation. This is a clever way to reimagine evergreen content to capture audience interest.

Letting fans see something recognizable in a new light helps them engage with it again, whether that’s a character, product or anything else from your brand world.

@leagueoflegendscan’t talk. fizz’s ult is too mesmerizing 😵‍💫

♬ original sound – League of Legends


4.     Dole Gets Playful with New Product

Fruit brand Dole Sunshine took a playful approach to announce a new product by showing animated dancing strawberries and then “filling them up” with the new smoothie.

The cute character tie-in with the dancing berry mascot on the packaging adds personality. While still simple, this concept moves beyond a static product shot to create a more memorable moment. The falling star shape of the product is also on-brand for Dole’s sunny persona.

This shows how you can use humor, movement and your brand attributes to showcase new products in a more lively, engaging way.


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5.     Headspace Meets Parents Where They Are

Meditation app Headspace used relatable imagery and affirming messages to introduce its new mindful parenting collection on LinkedIn. Addressing common feelings like parent shame and guilt with reassuring phrases like “You’re a good parent, no matter what” makes the post stand out from the more corporate content typically on LinkedIn.

The colorful, illustrated visuals also look bright and uplifting. The post meets its audience of busy, stressed parents where they are emotionally, providing validation. Then it includes a simple call to action at the end to check out the new content.

This is a great example of how brands can connect with audiences on an emotional level before promoting their product or service.




Let these examples inspire you to think creatively about your own content! Try a new format like video or illustration. Highlight your product or service from an interesting new angle. Tap into what makes your audience tick emotionally and speak to that. With a dash of ingenuity, brands can keep their content and messaging feeling fresh.

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