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The right social media influencers can create powerful results — but only if it’s authentic and genuine. We’ve hand-built our influencer marketing agency since 2007 to generate and syndicate branded content that is on message while staying true to the influencers’ voice and audience interests.

In 2015, we spun out our sister company, Carusele, which provides social media influencer campaign management that guarantees reach. With a proven method for identifying the right social media influencer for your influencer campaign, our teams work together to get results.

An Original Approach to influencer Marketing

As the original social media agency®, we were pioneers in social media influencer marketing. Carusele programs start with a customized strategy, backed by a dedicated team that’s designed for your brand’s specific goals and objectives. Our approach to influencer marketing uses real-time data to optimize programs daily to generate the most efficient results.

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Hand-Selected Influencers

Unlike other influencer marketing agencies, we hand-select influencers based on real-time audience data, insights, and additional criteria to ensure performance.

Campaign Management

We handle every aspect of your influencer marketing campaign execution from contracting influencers, to performance management.

Paid Media Amplification

A tailored paid media strategy is applied to influencer campaigns to amplify the message outside of the influencers organic following and improve results.

Real-time Optimization

We provide continuous monitoring to optimize your influencer campaign daily for peak performance.

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Our Solution to Develop Successful Influencer Marketing Campaigns

Select Influencers
We find the right influencers for your campaign and handle all the details.

Social Shares
Our campaigns get attention and social shares, magnifying your influencer campaign and driving your reach

Monitoring Performance
As influencer content is published, we monitor the performance of each unique asset in real-time to identify the best campaign content.

Advanced Targeting
We deploy a customized paid media strategy leveraging custom targeting and look-a-like audience segments to reach your ideal customer with only the highest performing influencer content.

We get results, like a 400% increase in engagement rate on sponsored content by influencers after we employed an ambassador strategy for one client.

Identifying Future Opportunities
At the conclusion of every phase, each influencer earns an iStack™ score indicating their ability to efficiently deliver on campaign objectives. Top performing influencers are identified as ideal ambassador candidates for future influencer campaign consideration.

Why Choose Ignite Social Media as Your Influencer Marketing Agency?

We’re Social Only. Social First. Social Partners.

By partnering with our sister agency, Carusele, we develop social media influencer campaigns that get stunning results.

A full-service social media agency, Ignite Social Media creates strategic marketing plans and implements effective social media campaigns to help you grow your business. Whether you’re looking for a full-service social media marketing agency, influencer marketing campaigns, or supporting services to augment your in-house team, you can trust the experts at Ignite Social Media.

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