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The best brands have trusted Ignite Social Media since our inception in 2007.

We’ve watched trends come and go, and created some industry practices that are now widespread. We’re still leading the way, including as Social Media Agency of the Year in 2016.


Whatever help your brand needs in social media, we’ve got the expertise and relevant experience: from content creation to community management, influencer relations to promotions, strategy to reporting, media buying to data analytics.

At Ignite Social Media, we focus on driving measurable results from social media. Take a look at some of our case studies.

We’re first in social. We’re only social. We’re Ignite Social Media.

In a world where every marketing services company says they “do” social media, Ignite Social Media leads the way, with a team of dozens of full-time staff. We work around the world from our offices in North Carolina and Michigan, providing our clients with a depth of knowledge that is unmatched.

Ignite Social Media is also certified as a Women’s Business Enterprise by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC), the nation’s largest third-party certifier of the businesses owned and operated by women in the United States. We recognize the commitment to supplier diversity that is embraced by corporations and government today, and our focus on representing a diverse set of backgrounds and experiences can help your digital marketing campaigns

Our leadership team has been together for more than 7 years; social media pioneers focused on growth for our clients.

Meet the Ignite Team

Jim Tobin

CEO Ignite Social Media/President Carusele

Also Founder of Carusele. Author of 2 books. Mom's impressed that I show up on Google.

Deidre Bounds


Guru of all things operational. Life-long supporter of Detroit. Music Lover.

Lisa Braziel

Senior Vice President

I love barbeque, sweet tea, spending time outside, and chasing and tickling my children.

Misi Mcclelland

Senior Vice President

Proud to be a mom, wife, aunt, yogi, nerd.

Debbie DeSantis

Senior Vice President, Finance

Brandi Washington

Vice President, Client Services

Mommy, wifey, soloprenuer, and aspiring tennis star.

Karlee Konopka

Karlee Konopka

Associate Community Manager

Momma Bear | Ocean Lover | Podcast Enthusiast | Organizing Fanatic | Dessert Addict

Nikki Thompkins

Manager, Finance & Accounting

Shannon Merkel

Accounting Assistant

Wife/Proud Mom/Loves to Travel/Enjoys Reading

Ryan Sweeney

Director, Analytics & Insights

I am a record nerd, food lover, husband, dog parent, and aspiring futurist.

Jessica Hammerstein

Senior Analyst

Film Fanatic | Data Nerd | Puppy Parent | Stand-Up Comedy Fan

Bea Mariano

Bea Mariano

Data Analyst

All things data | Coffee is life! | Anime x KDrama lover

Victoria Rogers

Manager, Paid Media

Music Lover | Travel Enthusiast | Moped Rider | Cat Parent

Steven DeYarman

Media Buyer

Traveler / Coffee Lover / Toledo Rockets Alum / Buffalo Bills Mafia Member / Foodie / Scuba Diver

Taylor Glymph

Senior Social Strategist

Jesus Lover. Bernedoodle Dog Mom. Marvel Nerd. Tech Wizard. Sneakerhead. Budding Toy Collector. Photo/Videographer. All around Creative.

Megan Burrows

Social Strategist

Sweet Tea. Christmas. Hallmark Movies. Family. Go Deacs!!!

Taryn Canedo

Senior Account Manager

I enjoy lukewarm cups of coffee, reading a great book, trying new restaurants & local breweries

Emily Spurlock

Senior Account Manager

Coffee > Water. I have a Jeep that’s as old as I am. My best friend is a 6lb dog named Diego.

Courtney Rollins

Senior Account Manager

Coffee Junkie. My Doppelganger is Cameron Diaz. I have an insane sweet tooth and I love a good glass of wine!

Michelle Baranowski

Account Manager

Toddler mom. Wife. Coffee + Wine. Hot summer days. Runner. And always thinking about my next meal.

MariaLuisa Belmonte

Account Manager

Wife | Dog Mom | Painter | Documentary Enthusiast.

Drew Sykes

Director, Content Production

Storyteller | Sports & music lover | Shameless John Mayer fan | Go Pack | Go Braves | “BELIEVE” - Ted Lasso

Taylor Gumina

Taylor Gumina

Senior Content Producer

Tea Addict / Flower Child / Vinyl Enthusiast / Vintage Lover / Cookie Monster / Book Nerd


Yasmeen N. Grandison

Content Producer

Detroit-Girl after God's own heart | storyteller | dreamer | traveler | Lover of everything sweet, purple, and French.

Parker Mitchell

Content Producer

Coffee Enthusiast | Playing Card Lover | Amateur Video Creator | NCSU Alum

Zack Brame

Zackary Brame

Manager, Content Production

Native Texan | Texas Tech Alumni | Wannabe professional sim-racer | Annoyingly proud Miata owner

Sara Trzemzalski

Manager, Community Management

Obsessed with Tea | Enjoys Meditation & Yoga | Proud Dog Mom | Plays League of Legends (probably too much)

Megan Nash

Manager, Community Management Team Lead

Detroit Red Wings Fan | Pizza Enthusiast | Adventure Seeker | Proud CMU Alum

Joanie Leider

Manager, Community Management Strategy & Product

Pop Culture Nerd | Sweet Treat Obsessed | Frequent Flyer | Michigan Wolverine

John Wylie

Senior Community Manager

Hockey Fan | Video Game Enthusiast | Star Wars Nerd | Amateur Photographer | CMU Chippewa

AnnE Ford 

Community Manager

Storyteller | Drummer | Former Face of @ncstate | Iced Coffee & Ice Cream Addict | Rasputin Superfan

Dervon Thompson

Community Manager

I love music, sports, films and books. Michigan State Spartan. Detroit Lover.

Susan Flower

Senior Production Manager, Carusele

Courtney D’Aiuto

Senior Production Manager, Carusele

Jesus lover. Former NCSU mascot, Ms.Wuf. Laughing and nacho addict.

Jorge Gonzales

Jorge Gonzales

Production Coordinator

Basketball | Dogs | 9gag | Memes

Taylor Lee

New Business and Marketing Coordinator

Dog mom | Diet Coke Enthusiast | Sagittarius | Member of the Black Ring Mafia

Paula Melito

Senior Account Manager

Brazilian | Summer Baby | Traveler | Rock Concert Addictive | Foodie | Sports | Don’t take life for granted

Jaden Stephens

Associate Community Manager

Serial Netflix watcher | Mean gluten-free waffle maker | Cutest German Shepard of all time owner

Carmen Chamblee

Content Producer

Pasta Connoisseur | TikTok Addict | Poodle Parent | Go Heels!

Lorena Ortega

Data Analyst

Devoted iced coffee addict | Bookworm & music enthusiast | TikTok fanatic | Mexican food admirer

Isabella Garay

Associate Community Manager

Cat lady | Binge watcher | Wannabe fairy | Lover of books | Can be found at the nearest mall.

Autumn Williams

Social Media Strategist

App State Alum | Gamer | Dog lover | Wannabe traveler | Firm believer that Epcot is the best Disney park

Joseph Burkey

Associate Media Buyer

Boater | Golfer | Detroit Sports Fan | Proud WMU Alum

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