Instagram Collab Feature: Everything You Need to Know

Your social media synergy is about to level up! Instagram now allows creators to collaborate on posts and reels by sending an invitation to fellow creators or brands, thanks to this new feature called “Collab”. But before you read along, make sure your app is updated to the latest version, and aside from this feature, here’s a round-up of all new Instagram’s newest features. Check it here.

This new “Collab” feature will make your content appear as if it came from two accounts partnering in a single post or campaign. To simplify, if an influencer posted a collab with a brand, the post will appear on both of their respective accounts. Post stats will be made available to both users, while comments and reactions for the post will be shared. This will definitely lead to more collaborations and engagements between business brands and influencers in the future.

What’s the best feature of all? Whether it’s BTS and Beyoncé announcing their imminent collab, an influencer advertising business alliance, or just wanting to show off a hilarious Reel you and your bestie did together, the Collab feature is open to all public accounts.

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How it works?

  • Create a Reel or upload a feed post as you normally would.
  • At the bottom of your share screen, you’ll find an option to “Tag People.”
  • After clicking “Tag People,” you may now click “Add Colleague” to invite a collaborator.
  • You may now look for an account to collaborate with and add it as a collaborator. It’s worth noting that the account you’re inviting will have to accept your invitation. Only public accounts that are participating in the test can be invited to ‘Collaborate’ or co-author.
  • When the account accepts the collaboration invitation, it will appear in the tag screen as well as in the header of your post.


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