What is This “Deinfluencing” Trend and Should Brands Care?

You may have seen some buzz around something called “deinfluencing” and wondered what impact this emerging trend could have on influencer marketing strategies. In short, deinfluencing refers to a bit of backlash against non-stop sponsored recommendations from some influencers. Why the fatigue from followers? And do brands using influencers need to worry? We’ll summarize the trend and key takeaways in this quick article.

In essence, deinfluencing stems from weariness over influencers who promote new products daily with little discrimination. To some, these fast-talking influencers come off more as “Shill Anything Barbies” than authentic recommenders.

Followers grow tired of the constant indiscriminate hard sell. And they increasingly demand more thoughtful consumption from both brands and influencers. Especially as conversations heat up around fashion waste, environmental impacts from overconsumption, and economic inequality.

However, the impact on brands involved in influencer marketing varies widely. As with any trend, moderation is key. Avoiding a few pitfalls can help brands continue successful influencer campaigns amidst this shift:

  • Partner with values-aligned influencers who balance sponsored and non-sponsored content. Don’t work with “Shill Anything Barbies.”
  • Create thoughtful creative briefs focused on how products solve problems or delight audiences rather than discounts alone.
  • Emphasize value propositions beyond low costs, like quality materials, ethical factories, durability over seasons, etc.

While some demonize anything sponsored, the heart of deinfluencing simply pushes for more conscious consumption and promotion. Brands who avoid falling into fast fashion traps have little to worry over.

For more details on deinfluencing, where it came from, and how brands can best respond to this trend, head over to the Carusele blog to read our recent in-depth post: “What is Deinfluencing and Should Brands Be Worried About This New Trend?

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