Ignite Launches SocialCraft.ai: Every Social Media Marketer’s Tool for Creating Social Content 

          Socialcraft.ai — your social media partner.  

Ignite Social Media introduces its AI-powered tool SocialCraft, designed to craft unique 

content for social media marketers, influencers and brands. With the help of GPT-4, SocialCraft.ai provides every marketer their own personal writing assistant in crafting the ideal content for any platform — no matter how challenging it may seem. Believe us, we know! 

Today, we introduce to you, the most powerful writing tool helping you write like magic — in 5 seconds or less. 

Say Hello to SocialCraft.ai 

AI is changing the world and we have two choices: hide from the changes and keep doing things as we’ve done, or lead from the front. We chose the latter. As the original social media agency, we have seen trends come and go, industries failing and rising, and we have taken all this data to provide marketers a perfect tool to help them cut through the noise and stay ahead of the curve.   

Our solution? SocialCraft.ai.   

We have seen the struggle of social media marketers brainstorming and creating content. But finally, today we make it easier and quicker for them to write. No more time wasted writing and rewriting content until it’s perfect — ask SocialCraft.ai for multiple options and easily pick pieces of them to build your own ideal post.    

Fair warning, just like all generative AI, SocialCraft is not perfect. It’s a powerful tool for brainstorming who (seems to) knows a lot, but not everything. SocialCraft will still need you to give a suitable prompt to ensure it maximizes that information and create the right pieces for you.  

Moreover, SocialCraft won’t do all the heavy lifting for you — but it can help you write quicker and smarter.  

SocialCraft Features   

SocialCraft is inherently unique and tailored to each user, making it the perfect assistant for all levels of content creation. Whether you’re writing for Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, or any other major social media platform, you’re provided with the best-fitting content every single time. It’s powered by AI-enabled Chat GPT-4 and offers a wide range of features. 

Starter Plan Price 
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Social Craft
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1. Social Media Focused 

Branded from Ignite’s social only agency, SocialCraft is best fitted for social media marketers, influencers. Its content is system on crafting social media only so you can be sure that your content will be in perfect tone and style for the platform it’s intended for.  

SocialCraft has 9 social media templates on: 

  • Instagram captions 
  • TikTok captions 
  • Facebook captions 
  • Facebook headlines 
  • Tweets 
  • YouTube descriptions 
  • Hashtag generator 
  • LinkedIn articles 
  • Blog posts  

2. Powered by GPT-4 

SocialCraft is powered by GPT-4, the most advanced in the industry, and is considered a “multimodal” version of AI. Which means it can generate content from both image (soon!) and text prompts.  

SocialCraft is growing and it’s continuously learning ways how for a better writing experience and yes we are learning to make it more efficient and enjoyable for you too.  

3. Highly Intelligent AI-powered Chatbot 

What we love about SocialCraft is it needs no complex command, social media marketers can simply chat a request to the bot and it will instantly generate content the way they want it.  

Apart from that, SocialCraft’s chat-bot is also up for a conversation, so users can easily sureget personalized answers and recommendations on what to write.  

Don’t quite see the difference? How about this: 

  • AI Command: “Write an informative 500-word blog that talks SocialCraft as the next disruptor in the AI Content world for Social Media Marketers.” 
  • SocialCraft bot: “Make this caption longer up to 300 words, and avoid using the words “XXX” and “XXX” 

Simple, easy and conversational — is what we think every AI bot should be is what we made SocialCraft to be.  

4. A Proud Ignite Social Media Product 

We said and we’ll say it again, SocialCraft is a proud Ignite Social Media product.  

SocialCraft started as an idea and now it’s finally making its roots to be the next disruptor in the AI world. We know what it takes to make a successful business out of social media marketing and we love being a solution to our clients and to social media users who struggles and juggles to create content.  From a dozen of books, podcasts, and speaker experiences, we take pride in our technologies and innovative solutions for over 15 years.  

How to Use Social Craft 

As promised, we want to ensure that Social Craft is made easy for every user. Here is a quick video demo on how to use social craft. 

Try for Free it Today! 

Be among the first to try SocialCraft.ai today.  All you have to do is simply type and introduce your name to SocialCraft and let SocialCraft assist you in whatever you need social.  


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