The Winners and Losers of Branded World Cup Tweets

The World Cup might be over (for now), but tweets live forever. Here are our top branded tweets and some lackluster attempts from the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

The best


Oh, Adidas, look at you! All the feels! Of course it was super convenient you sponsor both Germany, Argentina and even the soccer balls are Adidas, but, hey, who cares! You made us feel like a family. *hugs* 



Many brands tried to capitalize on Luis Suarez’ hungry appetite, but non-sponsor Snickers was the only brand who really sunk their teeth in. It’s ballsy enough to mention Suarez, jumps on the hashtag, and quickly created an image. This is how you do real-time marketing, folks.

Nike Soccer

Adidas might have been the big World Cup sponsor, but Nike Soccer scored with this cool Vine featuring Germany’s Mario Goetze (who also scored the World Cup-winning goal). Brands often try to create “cool” Vines, but this is one of the few that really impresses me. Pro-tip: If you don’t have the production value to make an awesome Vine, just don’t create one.

The not-so-amazing


Whole Foods


Whole Foods. You tried. (But leave it to Snickers – they did it better.)


We recommend a little more effort in your photo lighting, MTV. While there’s absolutely nothing wrong with cell phone tweets, make sure the images are clear and crisp. If you have a community manager on site in Brazil, you’re already a step ahead of the rest of the competition.

State Farm


State Farm! We see where your head is at, but come on guys… Photoshop is your foe. We think you could have gathered a willing member of the marketing team to paint their face and create the same image which would have looked more authentic.

Budweiser (Puppy)

As a puppy and beer aficionado, these tweets simply do not have enough a.) puppy or b.) beer. The same images were used over and over, and sadly it didn’t score quite like the World Cup clam.

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