Elevating Brand Engagement: Ignite Social Media’s Innovative 12 Days of Entenmann’s Campaign

At Ignite Social Media, we pride ourselves on delivering campaigns that stand out in the social media landscape. And when you get to work with a beloved brand such as Entenmann’s and their baked goods, opportunities abound. This case study delves into the details of our “12 Days of Entenmann’s” campaign, which used creative learnings from past years, upgraded community management and a strong holiday tradition to drive success.

The 12 Days of Entenmann’s: A Multifaceted Approach to Engagement

As a brand bursting with holiday joy, Entenmann’s sought to raise its profile during the festive season. While sweepstakes often do well on social media, we felt that Entenmann’s and our team could go beyond conventional sweepstakes and deliver an immersive, surprise-and-delight experience tailored to their audience’s interests.

Leveraging our expertise in social media marketing, we crafted a multifaceted campaign that seamlessly blended themed days, tailored prompts, visually stunning content, and strategic audience engagement tactics. We created a cohesive narrative that resonated deeply with their followers by aligning each of the 12 days with the holiday spirit and Entenmann’s brand identity.

Innovation through Surprise and Delight

One of the campaign’s defining features was our departure from traditional sweepstakes models. Instead of offering generic prizes, we introduced the concept of surprise and delight gifting, fostering genuine connections with consumers by encouraging engagement through captions. We asked the brand’s audience to take actions, such as “share how their pet participates in the holiday fun” or “show us your best holiday throwback photos.”

This innovative approach ensured that our fans helped spread the joy in their own feeds, while allowing our team to create more engaging and genuine content that celebrated the joy of giving. We partnered with experiential agency Activate to curate custom gift boxes containing 12 distinct branded items, each corresponding to our themed days. Gifts included a branded pet bandana (to tie in with a post about spending the holidays with pets), a branded set of slides (to tie in with a post on holiday fashion), and fun tree ornaments (to tie into a post on holiday decorations).

Measurable Impact and Audience Engagement

The community engagement helped us drive impressive results. With over 6 million impressions, 489,000 engagements, and 5,685 clicks to Entenmann’s website, our strategy fostered brand visibility during this critical season.

Moreover, introducing custom prize boxes and encouraging user-generated content amplified brand advocacy and loyalty beyond the brand’s own posts. As winners eagerly shared their gifts on social media platforms, the campaign organically expanded its reach, sparking conversations and fostering a sense of community around Entenmann’s brand.

Creative Storytelling and Brand Alignment

Building upon the popularity of previous years’ themed days, we evolved our approach to content creation for this program. Leveraging professional photography, our team showcased Entenmann’s products in a visually appealing and cohesive manner, reinforcing brand identity and fostering brand loyalty among followers. This strategic blend of creativity and brand alignment ensured that every aspect of the campaign resonated with Entenmann’s target audience, elevating brand recognition and affinity.

Overall Success

The 12 Days of Entenmann’s campaign exemplifies Ignite Social Media’s commitment to continuous improvement. By seamlessly integrating creativity, innovation, and strategic execution, our team delivered a campaign that achieved measurable success while leveraging the unique aspects of social media marketing for extended reach.

One of the campaign’s most significant achievements was its ability to evolve and adapt while maintaining thematic consistency. Retaining popular themed days from previous years while introducing new elements, such as surprise and delight gifting and product-focused content, demonstrated our dedication to staying relevant and exceeding client expectations.

Furthermore, the strategic use of custom prize boxes, professional photography, and authentic engagement tactics elevated brand visibility, fostered loyalty, and set a new benchmark for social media campaigns within the consumer goods industry.

As social media marketers, our ultimate goal is to create campaigns that resonate with audiences, drive measurable results, and leave a lasting impression. The 12 Days of Entenmann’s campaign exemplifies Ignite Social Media’s commitment to achieving these objectives through innovation, creativity, and strategic execution.

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