What You Need to Know About Live Coverage at Sporting Events

There are few things more exciting than covering a live sporting event on your brand’s social channels. There also are few things more complicated than covering a live sporting event on your brand’s social channels. Between bringing the necessary equipment, creating a schedule, and knowing your usage rights, it can feel like an overwhelming task to plan for. But we’re here to tell you that with the right plan and the right team, your event will be the huge success you’re hoping for.

Read on for the right tips and tricks to ensure your brand’s event is a home run! (I know, I know… my first and last sports pun of this blog post.)


Know your usage rights.

You’re likely going to this sporting event because your brand is affiliated with or sponsoring the team. Don’t think that gives you free reign to capture content all over the event, though. You’re likely bound to strict usage rights, which could include players, the venue, and yes, even the actual sporting event. So if you plan on posting a GIF of that game-winning touchdown, think again. Major league sports brands do not mess around when it comes to usage rights, so be sure to memorize them before arriving at the venue and plan your content accordingly.

Will there be WiFi? If so, bring a backup anyway.

If you’ve been told there’s going to be WiFi at the event, don’t count on it. Bring back up. Sporting events are often held in venues with tens of thousands of people. Long story short, WiFi is no guarantee.

You know what? Just bring backup everything

Batteries, chargers, cell phones… everything. If you think you, your team, or your client could use it, pack it in your day bag and have it on hand for those emergency situations.

Create a run-of-show

Live event coverage is quick, in-the-moment, nonstop action. In order to keep yourself organized and on the right track, make a run-of-show beforehand that includes an overall strategy and your brand’s goals. That should include the channels you’re posting to, the tactics you’re planning on implementing, and the cadence and timeline you’d like to stick to. Of course, this doesn’t need to be done minute by minute, but you need a solid base to get started on.

Expect the unexpected

Speaking of schedules, you should make one, and then … expect the unexpected. Schedules getting out of wack, equipment won’t work right, pesky weather delays … you name it, and it can happen during a sporting event. Just know that everything won’t go your way, and that’s okay. Your job is to make the most out of every situation at this event, go with the flow, and keep chugging towards your goal of capturing and posting amazing content.

Bring the right people

Having the right team by your side is a necessity. If you think you’re going to tackle an entire event on your own, think again. Your team should include a content producer, a community manager, a strategist, an account lead, and any other position that is involved in the success of your live event. Your team will be there for extra hands, to bounce ideas off, and to keep you sane. From holding props, to moving furniture, our event teams have done it all.

Drink water 😉

Feel your best, look your best, and you’ll do your best. Be sure to take care of yourself with hydration, snacks, comfortable shoes, and breaks in between all the chaos. Most importantly, HAVE FUN! It’ll certainly show in your content at the end of the day if you’re taking the time to enjoy the moment and soak it all in.


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