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LinkedIn has more than 740 million registered users from all over the globe. The social media site, founded in 2002, focuses on business-to-business networking and offers a great platform for getting information about your products and services in front of the people who are looking to purchase something you offer. That is if you know how to take advantage of the site’s many benefits.

How You Can Use LinkedIn to Promote Your Business

At Ignite Social Media, we’ve been helping clients use social media to help promote and grow their businesses for more than 14 years. We know the nuances of social media sites like LinkedIn and can help you get the most from your social media investment. We also understand that you have other business and personal obligations and can’t invest a lot of time setting up profiles and monitoring comments and questions. That’s where our services can be invaluable to scale social engagement and improve marketing ROI. We let you create a vibrant social media presence without neglecting your other responsibilities.

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Build a LinkedIn Network Teeming With Opportunities

At Ignite Social Media, we offer a comprehensive suite of LinkedIn solutions tailored to your business. We understand your audience and cut the fluff to get to the heart of what the audience needs. Take advantage of our world-class expertise for LinkedIn demand generation:

Linkedin Strategy

We’ll share our years of experience working with social media marketing to help you create a social media strategy that will help you attain your business goals. LinkedIn is a unique combination of thought leadership publishing, engagement and community response.

Paid Advertising

Our LinkedIn advertising agency team will help you get the most out of your advertising on the site and work with you to identify your target customers and the best keywords and content to use to reach them.

Community Management

One of the worst things you can do in digital marketing is to ignore comments and questions from the community. We monitor your LinkedIn page to make sure that any posts and questions are answered promptly and courteously.

Content Creation

The adage “Content is King” was true a decade ago, and it's still true today. There's no shortcut to creating useful, interesting and engaging content. However, our LinkedIn marketing agency will work with you to craft the type of content you need to increase your prospects and customer base and establish your company as an industry expert.

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Why Choose Ignite Social Media As Your Linkedin Marketing Agency?

We focus just on social media only. The result? Targeted results you can count on.

Ignite Social Media is designed to provide you with all of the targeted help you need to reach your audience on LinkedIn. Leveraging a combination of strategy, community management and content development, we build custom campaigns and content that accelerate marketing results. That includes growing your audience, building a meaningful relationship with your viewers, and getting people to take action.

“We are a full-service social media strategy agency.”

Established in 2007, we’ve worked hard to create the type of Linkedin marketing agency that our clients tell their friends about because of how effortless and effective our services are. We’ve executed strategic social media programs for some of the world’s largest brands like Microsoft, Samsung, Nike, Lenovo, and many others.

To learn more about using LinkedIn and other social media sites to attract new customers and to increase your bottom line, contact Ignite Social Media today. We have the social media and digital marketing insight you need to grow your business.

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