Social Media Memes for Marketers

Social Media Memes for Marketers

What makes the world of social media go round? The simple answer is… memes! Social media memes bring cheer, joy and laughter to everyday life when used correctly. They’re even more fulfilling during those long work days that seem to be dragging, also known as Monday.

To help you get through those dreadful days or if you want to share a laugh within your team channel, we decided to put together a list of the best social media memes we could find specifically for all of our marketing buddies!

8 Amazing Social Media Memes

Here are our top eight social media memes that meme a lot to us… get it? Pun intended:

Please, don’t argue on my ad

Engagement is great and we all crave it, except when it’s from the well-known trolls or it takes away from the purpose of the ad. There comes a time when there can be too much engagement, so please, not here. Take it to the DMs.

Dogs always win… okay not always

One of the trickiest things when managing social media accounts is remembering that you are on the right account, of course, and not posting your content to the client’s account.

You don’t want to mistakenly post the social media meme that you found hilarious but inappropriate or your pet dog that may be adorable but could ultimately hurt your relationship with the client. Maybe dogs don’t always win.

Lucky for our clients, we never use our personal devices to publish client content, nor do we use our designated client devices for personal use. This extra step keeps client content and profiles safe, secure, and #buttonedup.

What does that even mean?


Sometimes clients don’t know exactly what they want, leaving it up to you to figure out the best way to make their wish come true. This could leave you looking like Picard. We feel your pain, Picard.

We love working with you

There’s a saying that goes ‘help me help you’ and this social media meme of Doctor Strange is a visual representation of how marketers feel when their clients do exactly that.

When the work is getting done and the clients are satisfied, how can you not have the warm feeling of heart emojis on the inside?

Client: It looks great… but


A designers’ nightmare is having their beautiful creation turned back to them over and over again… and again… and again… and – you get the picture.

Client: You have one job

Social Media Memes_Source: Life @ IMI
Source: Life @ IMI

If every marketing team around the world could create content that everyone loves and receive tons of engagement, you guessed it, they would.

If all it took was to create social media memes that audiences love, then we probably wouldn’t be here. But, it’s not that simple.

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What’s wrong..?

We’ve all been there. So close to the finish line, but there are just some things the client wants to be changed that aren’t quick fixes. Just hang in there.

That didn’t go as expected

When working on a project or campaign, you can only hope that the engagement from the audience is sky high. Unfortunately, things don’t always go as planned and there’s nothing you can do but smile.

Whether you related to these memes of not, we hope you enjoyed and laughed harder than you may have expected. If you want to continue to keep up with upcoming social media trends and industry news, subscribe to our newsletter, Social You Should Know, below!

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