Infographic: Millennials vs Gen Z Social Media Usage

Infographic: Millennials vs Gen Z Social Media Usage

The power-struggle is real. It seems that every brand out there is trying to figure out the right way to target Millennials and Gen Zers. However, there’s a huge problem at hand that we at Ignite Social Media want to help fix: Understanding who Millennials and Gen Z are TODAY.

We’ve found that most people are a bit stuck. They forget that Millennials have, for the most part, grown up and aren’t those crazy college kids they were a few years back. Similarly, Gen Z has also grown up and gained MUCH more buying power as a generation than they previously had.

In an effort to help marketers understand the Millennials vs Gen Z mindset in 2020, we put together the following infographic that breaks down and compares their social media usage. If you don’t have a moment to read the entire graphic, here’s a breakdown of a few key points.

  • Millennials: Ages 24-39, make up about 26% of the US population.
  • Gen Z: Ages 8-23, make up about 25% of the US population.
  • While both enjoy using YouTube and Instagram heavily, Millennials are most often found on Facebook while Gen Z focuses a lot of their attention on Snapchat.
  • A recent study found 67.9% of Millennials and 70.2% of Gen Z had made at least 1 purchase or more in the past month based on social media.
  • Both audiences feel similarly in that they want brands to offer customized products, help improve their image, and run customer focused communities. 
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Infographic: Millennials vs Gen Z Social Media Usage

If you have any questions pertaining to this infographic or social media in general, we encourage you to contact us. Additionally, feel free to download a copy of our infographic using the form below.

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