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If you’ve been searching for an enthusiastic and knowledgeable TikTok marketing agency, you’ve come to the right place! At Ignite Social Media, we wrote the book on social media marketing. You can leverage our expertise in social engagement to boost your company’s bottom line.

TikTok Will Allow Your Business to Reach New Audiences

With more than 14 years of experience in marketing on social channels, our team can help you extend your brand in the marketplace and put your message in front of more of the right customers.

We will devise a customized marketing plan just for you, and then we will execute on it and monitor customer engagement, refining our efforts along the way to build your audience organically.

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We Will Help You Navigate the Tricky Environment of TikTok Marketing

Businesses that are new to TikTok should know that it’s a popular mobile app that people use to view, share and make content involving comedy, dancing and lip syncing. Approximately 689 million users worldwide use TikTok each month, with 100 million in the United States alone.

Here’s how Ignite Social Media can help you jumpstart a marketing campaign with the help of TikTok.

TikTok Strategy

The first priority is building a TikTok strategy that really helps you connect with your audience on this popular platform. We will brainstorm with you to determine how to focus your message the best way. That's what's needed to make videos that resonate with customers and prospects. In some cases, getting all or some of your TikTok content created by influencers can be the right strategy, and it’s one we’ve done a lot.

Paid Advertising

For precision targeting, Insight Social Media will launch a paid advertising effort on TikTok. We will examine and analyze the demographics of the audience you hope to sell to. At the same time, we will become completely familiar with the products or services you offer, so we can craft an effective message.

Content Creation

You will focus on your business while the team at Insight Social Media takes care of developing eye-catching content suitable for today’s TikTok audience. The content we help you create will emphasize the core message of your branding. That's crucial for building awareness and is central to what we do as your TikTok marketing agency.

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Benefits of Partnering With Ignite Social Media for Your TikTok Advertising Agency

It’s clear that the market penetration of TikTok is something that business owners will ignore to their peril.

For some users, if you’re not reaching out to them on their favorite platform, they might not see your message at all.

But if someone on TikTok shares your video, there is the potential for a ripple effect of influencers liking your product, giving you even more exposure.

“We are a full-service social media strategy agency.”

As a premiere TikTok advertising agency with more than 14 years of experience in social media, and early access to TikTok beta products, our experts follow marketing industry best practices to ensure we deliver outstanding results for our customers every time.

To learn more about our approach to TikTok marketing or request a consultation, please get in touch with Ignite Social Media today.

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