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If you’ve been following Facebook’s business model for more than 10 minutes, Instagram’s announcement this week that they are switching to an algorithmic feed shouldn’t be a surprise. We’ve got that, plus new Twitter research and the FTCs big crackdown on undisclosed influencer marketing.

Instagram Going to Algorithmic Feed

Algorithm is from the Latin “algo” and “rithm” which roughly translates to “brands gotta pay up.” This week, Instagram announced that their News Feed was going to show the “best” posts first. Instagram is becoming “filteredgram.” If our experience with Facebook is any experience, we’ll continue to see Instagram engagement slump, and Instagram ad revenues climb.  Grab your wallet folks.

Lord & Taylor Gets Wrist Slapped by FTC

Somehow, Lord & Taylor’s social media agencies didn’t know in March of 2015 the well-established rules on FTC disclosure of influencer content. They orchestrated an otherwise very effective campaign to get 50 fashion influencers to post photos of themselves wearing the same dress, which promptly sold out. Lord & Taylor has now been admonished by the FTC and has agreed to comply going forward, while also agreeing to establish a monitoring and review program going forward. Be careful out there. This won’t be the last brand example we see.

Not Replying to Tweets? You’re Losing Money

Most brands still don’t reply to tweets seeking to engage them. New Twitter research shows that people who get a response are measurably willing to spend more with brands that reply to them. This is consistent with research done by Jay Baer for his new book, “Hug Your Haters.” Interested in details? Listen to this free webinar from a few weeks ago where Jay and I discussed the value of engaging your “haters”.

As we head out, here’s one chart that explains why Facebook bought Masquerade (MSQRD).

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