Ignite Social Media's COVID-19 Social Media Checklist for Re-Opening

COVID-19 Social Media Re-Opening Checklist

As a social media agency, we’ve been on a different kind of frontlines during COVID-19: helping our clients navigate and communicate individual business plans on their social channels.

In the early weeks, we helped develop and adjust editorial calendars, content, and social media messaging that took into account the tough decisions of closings, furloughs, and those staying open for essential customer needs.

Now, with many states beginning to re-open or partially re-open, we’re beginning to guide clients of many different verticals the best way to communicate to customers during this time.

Below, we’ve outlined the key areas to consider in your re-opening communication on social media. We’ve also compiled these in a 1-page COVID-19 social media re-opening checklist for easy reference.

1. Consider Safety Messaging & Key Changes for Customer & Employee Experience

  • Safety Procedures: PPE being worn by employees and customers, cleaning after every customer, temperature checks
  • Process Changes: Waiting in vehicles, payment methods
  • Limitations: Store/working hours, services being performed

2. Communicate Adherence to a Wide Range of Safety Guidelines

  • CDC
  • Industry-Specific Guidelines
  • State/Location Specific Guidance

3. Develop a Landing Page Resource for Up-to-Date Information

  • Create a landing page on your website that hosts all the information a customer would need. (store hours, phone numbers to call, precautions being taken)
  • Pin a social post to the top of your page that directs users to this page

4. Anticipate Questions & Concerns

  • Develop FAQs with sample messaging in anticipation to questions you will likely get
  • Be proactive with this messaging through your social content. Don’t just wait for questions to come in.
  • Post FAQs on your landing page

5. Use Organic as a Testing Ground Before Promoting

  • Before turning on your paid media full force, use organic posts to judge customer response
  • Does your copy tone and visuals resonate with the audience? Is your message being well received or are consumers posting negatively on your posts?

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