What to Post Where: Making the Most Impact with Your Social Media Content

Bad news: There is no one thing I can tell you that will optimize your social media content. Good news: There are several things I can tell you to consider and ask yourself throughout the entire content creation process that will make optimizing your social media content strategic and help you get the results you want. Let’s get into it, shall we?

Get in the Mindset of the Moment™. This is so important, we trademarked it. Take anything you want to put out on social (priority products, events, links to key landing pages, awareness content … anything) and think about these five things from concept to creation to publishing. You can read about them in-depth here.

Stay true to your shared purpose. We create these “shared purposes” as part of every social strategy, because it’s critical to being successful with your social content. It can be easy to get caught up in what’s trendy on social media and what other brands are doing (hello, Instagram AR filters telling you what ____ you are!), but if you can answer both“What’s in it for the audience?” and “What’s in it for your brand?” you’ll be able to stay on track toward actual results.

Format for post objective. This may seem simple, but it’s often overlooked. Brands are so eager to push out messages and Facebook is so eager to encourage you to put that message absolutely everywhere possible, but user experience still matters. Take some time to consider your message, your medium, and the capabilities of the platform.

Do you want someone to click through to purchase a product? Focus on that. A Facebook link post, carousel post, or collection ad where someone can click from point A to point B immediately might be the right fit. A video asking people to watch, comment, and then click through to buy or an Instagram feed post with a non-functioning link in the copy is probably not the way to go. Ask yourself, “Will this post do what I want it to do?” If the answer is “yes,” go for it!

So, as you can see, there’s no magic bullet. There’s a lot to think about. There’s strategy involved. If you put in the work behind the scenes, your published posts will work for you. Sound like a lot to tackle? Say hi! We’re happy to take it on! We love a good challenge.

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