Social Media Strategy Template

Template for Your Social Media Strategy


Social Media Strategy Template

Social Media Strategy Template for 2019

Social Media Strategy

With 2019 rapidly approaching, now is a good time to revisit your social media strategy. A lot has changed over the past year in terms of how people are using social, ad units, targeting capabilities and new media formats. Creating a strategy from scratch or even revising an existing strategy can be a large undertaking. We have created a social media strategy template to help make the process a little less daunting.

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Step 1: Conduct an Audit of Existing Efforts

Before we get too far ahead in planning for 2019, it is important to assess how your brand is doing on social as the year wraps up. The first part of our social media strategy template is conducting an audit. Brainstorm a list of things that were successful this past year and things that can be improved upon. Ideally, this exercise will be conducted by multiple team members.

Social Media Strategy Template Audit

Step 2: Check out the Competition

We can get caught up in our own work that we forget to take a look around to see what our competitors are up to. Doing so can provide insight into new things to try or things to avoid. This past year, Facebook started allowing people to review the ads that brands are running for more transparency. Use this feature to your adventure and look into the ads those in your industry are running.

Social Media Strategy Template - Competitor

Step 3: Get Reacquainted with Your Audience

We follow Forrester’s POST methodology for all of our social strategies, which means we always start with putting ‘People’ first. Target audiences and the way they use social can change so we recommend taking a look at your audience at least once per year. Take a look at the audience insights from your current followers and any third-party data you can find.

Social Media Strategy Template - Audience

Step 4: Re-evaluate Objectives, Strategies & Tactics

The final step is to re-evaluate your objectives, strategies, and tactics, in that respective order.

Social Media Strategy Template - POST


Following this four-step process should take anywhere from 2-4 weeks.

If you need some assistance working through this process, we would be happy to help! Check out more about our strategic process here.

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