How to Repurpose Influencer Content for Your Brand

When it comes to asking whether or not your brand should be repurposing its influencer-generated content – there’s really no question about it. If you search the internet for “influencer marketing success” it doesn’t take long to find articles like Forbes’ “Love It Or Hate It: Influencer Marketing Works,” which cites studies from TapInfluence, Deloitte, Tomoson, and McKinsey on just how powerful influencer marketing can be during the buyers’ journey.

Many companies, like Carusele, have recognized the power that lies in influencer-generated content – encouraging brands to feature this content on their own channels. After all, if you aren’t re-gramming, sharing, or otherwise repurposing these images, you may as well be flushing half your money down the drain.

One of the most beneficial parts of influencer marketing is its “second wind,” where the brand gets to show off the fact that all of these highly-influential people trust and love their brand. Plus! Their images are just awesome

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Above you can see an example of how Hills Bros. Coffee integrated images from @ill.koncept and @vallenalexander, two talented content creators who partnered with the brand during Carusele’s #WakeUpAndGo influencer marketing campaign.

Consider Influencer Marketing First

Has your brand considered taking influencer marketing one step further? Don’t be afraid to rely on an influencer program to jump-start your entire social strategy, collaborate on a particularly touchy topic, or even bridge the gap between your digital and physical marketing plans.

While Hills Bros. Coffee did a great job of repurposing content during their influencer-led #WakeUpAndGo campaign, they have also been highly efficient in the way that they’ve built off of this story since the campaign ended. If you scroll through the brand’s social feeds today, you’ll start to see how they’ve allowed the #WakeUpAndGo theme to influence their overall digital marketing strategy and grow into something beyond their initial batch of influencer-produced content.


Beating the #mondayblues with some #hillsbroscoffee ☕️

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Make today amazing! Wake up, smile, and do something you WANT to do! ?? #HillsBros #WakeupandGo #Coffee #Heart #Saturday

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Life is a beautiful ride. #Wakeupandgo #HillsBrosCoffee #Coffee #Enjoytheride #bike

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Use Influencers as Your Story Tellers

Another way to “repurpose” influencer content, which many brands may not consider, is to rely on influencers to tell those stories that your brand is just not quite able to tell. Do you have a crisis that needs managing? Or an intensely personal story that needs telling? Or a victory that needs to be celebrated? Bring on a team of your most trusted influencers to do the talking for you. Their stories can then be featured in brand-owned marketing materials and press releases, highlighting that two-way level of trust that makes the brand-influencer relationships so valuable.

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A team of six influencers partnered with Ignite for this Go Red For Women campaign to raise awareness around the importance of scheduling and attending your Well Woman Visit. Through personal stories, trips to the doctor, and even serving as brand ambassadors at high-profile events, this team of women became the “real” voices behind the brand.

Think Big

Finally, my third piece of advice for any brand interested in influencer marketing is to think big. Is your brand planning to release a new series of cookbooks this year, redesigning their website to feature branded imagery… or maybe buying out a billboard space in Times Square? Consider starting these efforts with an influencer campaign.

An image that begins its life on a blog can grow into something much larger (and more physical) for the brand it features. Influencer campaigns can become your brand’s most valuable content libraries – so forego the stock photo account and check out influencer marketing.

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This sponsored #FallForBold post by @TheGalsGuide, from Carusele’s #FallforBold campaign with Revlon, came to life as a Revlon billboard in Times Square.

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So the why’s are easy – you want to engage influencers to expand your brand’s audience, create trusted relationships with brand ambassadors, and generate great content for your brand at an efficient price.

However, the how’s are entirely up to you. Don’t let influencer campaigns become an afterthought or a way to spend those last dollars of the quarter. Strategize with your influencer marketing team early in the year so you can make influencer content work for your brand and truly get the most out of your marketing budget.

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