5 Key Ways Social Media Impacts the Customer Journey

Did you read our series on how to create content for the customer journey? If not, read that first! You can check it out here. Creating content with each stage of the customer journey in mind is important, but it’s also vital to consider how social impacts the customer journey.

At first glance, it seems fairly easy – market your product or brand so that people see it and buy it. While we all wish it was that simple, we know it’s not. There are so many other factors to take into consideration when evaluating where to focus your efforts. Let’s dive a little deeper into the ways social impacts the customer journey.

  1. Awareness – The first step in the customer journey is awareness. Social can play an incredibly important role here. In order to get the most eyes on your content, utilize paid media. Putting money behind your posts ensures you are reaching more people than you were organically.
  2. Research – Studies have shown that a majority of consumers use social media as a way to research products. They look for video reviews to actually see the products in action. Create videos of your products! Make the content that your audience is looking for.
  3. Purchase – There are ways you can directly tie your sales to socially attributed traffic. Install a pixel on your brand’s website and track purchases, so that you can see where your consumers are coming from.
  4. Loyalty – This is the step that marketers often skip over. If you leverage it properly, social can help you not only attract new consumers, but retain them. How can you gain that loyalty? Share information and create content that your audience wants to see. They will go looking for it, so it’s up to your team to ensure that it’s there.
  5. Advocacy – Advocacy is another step that is often skipped. We would argue that it’s just as important as every single other step, even purchase. Cultivating a group of consumers that will not only buy your product, but tell others to buy it, is the end goal of almost every marketing action.

In short, social media has and will always play a vital role in the journey your customers go through. It’s up to you to think strategically in order to make that journey easier on them.

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