How Alcohol Brands Celebrated St. Patrick’s Day 2016

Despite beginning as a religious holiday in Ireland (where until the 1960s bars were actually closed for the day…seriously), Americans have morphed St. Patrick’s Day into a day of celebrations. Whether celebrating their Irish heritage or just being Irish for the day, people like to partake in delicious food, the wearing of all things green, and of course, booze. So what did alcohol brands do to celebrate this year?

Guinness Ireland

Not surprisingly, Guinness Ireland took a low-key approach, posting a simple video asking which GuinnessTache you are.

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Which #GuinnessTache are you? — #stpatricksday #guinness

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Guinness U.S.

The U.S. social media accounts for Guinness were a different story. From shareable cards, to live event coverage, Guinness U.S. shows the true American party that is St. Patrick’s Day.

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Jameson Irish Whiskey

Although Jameson is made in Ireland, they did a great job bringing the feel of a U.S. St Patrick’s Day to life. Their best move? A custom Snapchat geofilter that was age-gated.

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Budweiser & Bud Light

Budweiser took a smart approach by not trying to insert themselves too heavily into a holiday that really isn’t on brand for them. In another good move, Bud Light posted about March Madness, instead of St. Patrick’s Day.

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Samuel Adams Beer

With ties to both Ireland and America, Sam Adams fits in perfectly with St. Patrick’s Day. They celebrated local events at their breweries, as well as provided recipes for the holiday.

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What were your favorite alcohol brands posting on St. Patrick’s Day? Tell us about it below!


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