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Using ViralMoment to Track the Top TikTok Beer Trends

Ignite Social Media is a beta partner for a new Social Analytics tool called ViralMoment that takes a snapshot of the trends of the day that are hitting TikTok. Presently, ViralMoment is available in an application format and monitors extensive data from TikTok.

Viral Moment works by showcasing different categories and then the trends within those categories. ViralMoment also records influencers who are themselves trending, their mentions in specific categories (such as discussion of a brand or trend), sounds, hashtags, and other data. For this demonstration, Ignite Social Media asked Viral Moment to compile the top 2,000 beer videos in terms of the ones with the highest play counts. This helps shed light on how the tool can be used and answers how this translates to following and growing a brand’s momentum.

How to Use Viral Moment to Uncover TikTok Trends

When using ViralMoment in this experiment, our strategists dubbed the experiment Beertok and went about tracing mention of beer since it would be a common category on the platform. By using ViralMoment, it was possible to get snippets of data about those 2,000 videos and further refine them in terms of which brands were identified. You’ll see that it captures mentions of brands, but not all the brands mentioned were specific to beer. In fact, it identified 429 different brands, most of which you’ll see in the two images below.

At this iteration of ViralMoment, our Beertok Intelligence Dashboard ranks the top brands and which portion of the online chatter is registering about that brand (out of 100%).

Here’s what our Beertok graph showcased in terms of the top ten brands (spelling generated by users):

● Budweiser (12.12%)
● Buschlight (10.49%)
● Modelo (10.49%)
● Coors (9.79%)
● Budlight (6.00%)
● Miller (6.53%)
● Heineken (5.59%)
● Coke (4.90%)
● Coorslight (3.96%)
● Instagram (3.26%)

Viral Moment Dashboard

As one can see from the list, the ViralMoment application provides an accurate snippet of the conversation but has a few minor quirks. For instance, the analytics will reflect how the users spelled the brand names, but it’s still fairly clear which brands are being discussed and allowing them to rank in the search results. However, in the top ten alone, it’s possible to see how ViralMoment isn’t yet capable of parsing through the data to separate a beer brand from others.

For example, in this search, Coke and Instagram showed up in the results, while one is a soda brand and the other is a social media brand. In the future, ViralMoment developers have ample opportunity to evolve this product and parse and filter out brands that don’t match the parameters, should that be desired. At the same time, certain use cases will want all brands mentioned, not just those in the category.

Even without filters for the most precise reflection, social media managers, TikTok influencers, and others can see a clear picture of the trendiest beer whenever they please. Further along in the rankings, one sees more granular results out of the 429 brand mentions. Users begin to see where subcategories of these brands are being mentioned in the conversation. This means that Budweiser is the top brand, but even within the Top Ten, Bud Light makes an appearance. Therefore, it’s possible to track (to an extent) variations of a brand and how successful those marketing campaigns are taking place on Internet social communities.

Using the ViralMoment Dashboard for More Beertok TikTok Intelligence

Not only that, but it is possible to collect data about what video format these conversations are occurring in and how the content is being dispersed. From a marketing perspective, this has the potential to ensure the best delivery vehicle and reach for future marketing campaigns. Incidentally, measuring Beertok TikTok Intelligence reveals the metadata, such as video format and hashtag videos. The hashtag videos are important because it reveals that existing communities around the topic have begun on the platform. For marketing purposes, these communities are where brand discussion and conversation are springing up naturally as TikTok users disclose their choice drinks in drinking circles.

When accessing ViralMoment, it is possible to get additional graphics and information compiled into what’s called the Metabase, which can later be displayed on a web browser. In terms of Beertok, it displays an infographic that is going to show the various communities and video styles. In terms of video styles, ViralMoment is able to identify different types of video uploads. Right now, it can identify and reflect videos that are taken in the following formats: Selfie, Stitch, ASMR, green screen video, and an ASMR video.

The Most Common Beertok Digital Formats

The Selfie is probably the most recognizable category and is shot in the first person. The TikTok user is filming themselves. This type of film would typically involve the person holding their own phone or using a stand to film themselves.

Videos in a Stitch style are a format popular on social media where it involves sampling the beginning of someone’s video. Then editing one’s own video to the original one. It gets the moniker of “Stitch” because editing the two pieces together reminds creatives of sewing together two digital snapshots. Stitch videos come in second in terms of popularity. They involve some proficiency in technique, which may make them less accessible than the Selfie format.

Next, people are discussing beer in ASMR format, which is taking over YouTube and TikTok in terms of style. ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response and involves videos that have soothing spoken word tracks or other auditory effects that produce a relaxation sensation akin to what ASMR is in terms of meditation. ASMR is what specialists refer to when they describe what it feels like to relax along the body’s zones — with a feeling of calm seeping down the body.

The other common, albeit less-so, the format is a green screen video, which would be a video that involves some production and editing. The person is either filming themselves or someone else in front of a green screen or, more commonly, using the green screen effect within the platform.

In terms of Beertok, it makes sense that ASMR is popular, as well as the casual format of some Selfie influencers.

Most Watched BeerTok Videos

Here are three of the most popular beer videos ever put on TikTok. While this first video isn’t in English, the punchline is, making it clear why it’s been played 58.3 million times, generating 3.82 million likes and 5,775 shares as of this writing.

@_megha_goel #pakdagayabhai 🤣🤣 #beer #foryou #foru #viral #foryoupage #fyp #trending #tiktokindia_ #tik_tok #smiledekedekho #DanceWithDarkFantasy @sunnygoel1234 ♬ original sound – MG – MG Official

Coming in at the second most watched, with 55 million plays and 4.4 million likes, was this beer gun.

@beerguns.official cuz baby we’re golden 🤙🍻 #hotsummerboy #hotsummergirl #summer2021 #drinking #beer #fyp #asmr #beergun #beertoy #asmr #buffering #boys #drinks ♬ “Shake that A$$” by KueenD – 🏖

The most liked video, with over 6.7 million likes on 30.7 million plays was this smart dog. Duet this with your dog or child or wife or husband or your pet hamster #foryou #foryoupage #beer #beerdog #beerme ♬ How Bizarre – OMC

TikTok Beer Hashtags

The most common hashtags associated with beer are:

● Beertok
● Beertime
● Beer
● Beerlover

With this easy, casual topic, Beertok infographics illustrate how users talk about beer in the same type of style and presentation. While ViralMoment will continue developing, our partnership with them presents social media network users and professional Marketing Directors with insights into TikTok. Beertok is only one category and community, so the trend analysis has endless potential that we’re already putting to use for clients.

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