The Complete Guide to TikTok Ads Without an Organic Presence

With over 1 billion monthly active users, TikTok has become a platform that brands simply cannot ignore. The addicting short-form videos keep users highly engaged, and the built-in creative tools make it easy for brands to create viral content.

However, many brands are hesitant to create a TikTok account. Either they don’t have the resources to maintain an active presence or they face restrictions from their global offices.

The good news is that brands can run TikTok ads without having a brand account on the platform. In this video, our Social Media experts, Victoria Rogers and Steven DeYarman, will explain the benefits of this approach and walk through how to set up TikTok ads without an organic presence.


If you’d rather read along, we’ve also summarized the discussion in the article below.

Why Run TikTok Ads Without a Brand Account?

Here are some of the key reasons brands should consider TikTok ads even if they don’t plan on managing an organic presence:

  • Reach new audiences. Over 60% of TikTok’s users are under 30, giving brands access to the highly coveted Gen Z demographic. You can reach these users through ads even without an account.
  • Test what resonates. Running TikTok ads allows you to experiment with different types of video content. See what resonates best with your target audience before investing in organic content production.
  • Impressive targeting options. TikTok offers granular targeting capabilities, including interests, behaviors, demographics, and more. Target the right users for your campaigns.
  • Flexibility for any budget. You can start TikTok ads with as little as $5 per day. The platform accommodates both small test budgets and large ongoing investments.
  • Ease of setup. It only takes a few minutes to create a TikTok Ads Manager account and launch your first ad campaign. The process is simple and intuitive.


Step-by-Step Guide to TikTok Ads Without a Brand Account

Here’s how easy it is to get started with TikTok ads:

1. Create a TikTok Ads Manager Account

Head to and click “Get Started.” Follow the prompts to create your business manager account. You’ll provide info like your business name, contact details, time zone, currency, and payment method.

TikTok will review your account and approve it within 24 hours.

2. Build Your Ad Creative

You have two options for ad creative when running TikTok ads without a brand account:

Spark Ads: These display a thumbnail image that users can click on to watch your video ad. You provide the image and video file. (This is only possible with an organic account.)

Custom Brand Identity: This creates a dummy TikTok account just for your ads. You design a profile picture and handle for the account.

If you do not intend on maintaining an organic presence, we recommend using the custom brand identity feature so your ads seem more natural on TikTok.

3. Set Up Your Ad Campaign

In TikTok Ads Manager, create a new campaign. Select your objective (traffic, conversions, etc.) and give the campaign a name.

Choose your target audience, budget, schedule, and the custom brand identity you want the ads to come from.

Then create your ad. Upload your video, write compelling ad text, add interactive elements like polls and coupons, and include a strong call-to-action.

4. Monitor and Optimize Your Campaigns

Check your campaign analytics to see what’s resonating. TikTok provides data on impressions, clicks, conversions, audience demographics, and more.

Use these insights to refine your target audience, creative, and messaging. Boost what’s working and eliminate what’s not.

The Power of TikTok Ads for Brands

As you can see, it’s simple for brands to get started with TikTok ads—no brand account is required. This enables you to tap into a highly engaged user base and position your brand as an early adopter on an emergent platform.

TikTok ads offer an affordable way to raise awareness, reach new audiences, drive traffic, boost conversions, and test creative concepts. Brands that aren’t leveraging TikTok’s advertising solutions are missing out on a major opportunity to grow their business.

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