3 Compelling Ways Brands Can Use Snapchat

If your brand is still taking static photos on Snapchat, then you’re probably behind the curve. Snapchat adoption is on the up and up, according to a study by Piper Jaffrey, and it’s no surprise. There are always new features to test out, thanks to the constant implementation of updates to the platform. Some brands are showing that they’re quick learners and are staying ahead of the curve by strategically using Snapchat in compelling ways. Let’s take a look at different ways brands can use Snapchat using insights from three of the most innovative brands currently on Snapchat.


If you follow Amazon on Snapchat, you’ll know that they do a great job engaging their audience. Whether it’s a poll requesting that their fans take a screenshot in order to cast a vote, or a snap pushing to a shortened URL for a Snap Deal, they consistently find inventive ways to brighten up their Snap Story.


How to apply:

Use Snapchat’s interactive features to engage your audience and show your brand’s creativity. Don’t hesitate to ask your fans to vote on their favorite image, pick a product from a lineup, or color in a Snap and then send it back to you. Remember to have strong call to actions and ask for user participation!


GrubHub is no stranger to Snapchat. They are constantly creating content on a weekly basis, featuring UGC, hosting giveaways and promotions, and even recruiting an intern, all via their Snapchat stories. They are clearly doing everything right to attract hungry millennials!

grub hub 1

How to apply:

Looking for new talent to join your team? Use Snapchat as an extension to your marketing efforts. If you are looking to hire fresh and new talent, Snapchat might be the way to do so! Other tactics are creating special geofilters on school campuses or within the area of the business to attract those close by.

Mountain Dew

Just last week, Snapchat rolled out a new feature that allows users to pin emojis to moving objects within a Snapchat video. Mountain Dew was one of the first brands to make use of this update and seamlessly incorporate it into their Snapchat story.

How to apply:

Make sure you are keeping up with all of the Snapchat updates and are constantly thinking of new ways to incorporate them into your content when it makes sense.

What are some of your favorite brands to follow on Snapchat and why?

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