4 Real-Time Monitoring Tools that Save Your Brand Time

How does one brand monitor and listen to the thousands, if not millions of members in its community? This daunting task seems like a nightmare to any individual managing a social channel for a brand or organization.

But don’t worry. The world of technology has come to the rescue. Many people have dedicated their lives to developing tools to help brands monitor and listen to their communities in real-time. Here are 4 of the best tools to get the job done efficiently.


Engagor is a very user friendly social engagement tool that offers many capabilities. For starters, the inbox allows you to receive incoming messages from multiple social channels. Everything from comments to tweets to direct messages arrive to your inbox in real-time. From here, you can delegate who responds to what with advanced tagging and categorization capabilities. This tool also offers content publishing and scheduling capabilities.

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Conversocial is very similar in design and layout to Engagor. It offers similar social engagement capabilities in the form of a centralized inbox where all your comments and messages from various social channels arrive. But the area where this tool excels more than Engagor, is in its analytical capabilities. Conversocial offers deep, real-time analytics and can even archive analytical data. However, this tool does lack the content publishing and scheduling support capabilities that Engagor offers.

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Hootsuite offers a very customizable dashboard layout that can help in monitoring multiple conversation streams at once. You can customize your layout to allow for monitoring of all incoming tweets mentioning your brand in one column and all direct messages from Facebook in another. It also offers capabilities to manage the permission levels of your various users.

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Spredfast has the advantage of having a deep listening algorithm built into its software on top of its real-time social monitoring. You can utilize filters, tagging, and categorization systems to really listen to your target audience’s conversations on social media, going as far as being able to search a particular emoji and see the conversation surrounding it. This levies itself to helping a brand with proactive social media engagement.

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These are only a few of the tools that can help you monitor your social communities in real-time. And as I’m sure you have already noticed, there’s not one single tool that can do everything you need. At the end of the day, you have to sit down and come up with a social strategy for your brand and find the right tool that fits that strategy.

Need help coming up with that social strategy that is right for your brand? Wondering which tool is the best for your organization’s social channels? Let us help you figure out the answers.

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