3 Tips for Using Digital Marketing Assets on Social Media

In a perfect world, we’d create beautiful, engaging, social-first content for all our brands’ social channels. In the real world, budgets and time constraints stand in the way, and sometimes, it’s just more efficient to work with what you have. Here are a few tips to make digital marketing assets shine on social media.

Get your hands on the raw assets. If you’re not the one creating the digital marketing assets, you’ll set yourself up for success by asking for all the full size images and uncut video assets from emails, banner ads, etc. This is a case where more is actually better and will give you greater flexibility to tailor these assets for social.


Crop, edit, rotate, repeat. This is where having the raw assets, as mentioned above, is helpful. No matter the reason the original asset was created, you’ll want to be sure it’s at home in its new place. Keeping platform best practices in mind, crop, edit, rotate, pull stills and cut video in a way that is engaging to your audience and stays true to any established visual guidelines.


(Lauren Conrad is a master at maintaining her brand’s look and feel, no matter where her assets come from originally.)

Make it engaging. This is social, so you only have a few seconds to capture your audience’s attention before they keep scrolling through their feed. Keep that in mind when repurposing assets that have served another purpose in another place. It’s not the time for long-winded copy or video with long-held title frames. Try new post formats, like Facebook Canvas ads and short, captivating video clips. You know your audience best and what will grab their attention, but take a look here for a few other tips.

(This example from our Save Mart client was a clip taken from a larger, more produced digital ad. Cropping, cutting, and looping makes it the right fit to tell the story of party platters on Instagram.)

Keep these simple tips in mind when planning your social content to really stretch what digital assets you may have already at your fingertips. Want to take your social content to the next level? Just say hi!

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