How Social Media Marketers Use Social Media In Real Life

At Ignite Social Media, everyone is an expert in social media marketing. We eat, breathe, and live social media. But what may surprise you is how the various individuals at Ignite utilize social media in their everyday lives. Someone working on the analytics team could be using social media in a far different way than someone working all day as a community manager. But don’t just take my word for it, let’s talk to a few of Ignite’s expert social media marketers to see how they use social media every day. First stop, me.

Justin, aka “the Intern”

I utilize social media to keep in constant communication with my friends and family, follow my favorite gaming companies for the latest news on video games, and watch livestreams from my friends and groups using Facebook Live. I am a hugely active member of, the gaming equivalent of YouTube. Here you can find me watching others be horrible at video games but good at making their audience laugh hysterically.

We can see that I prefer social channels for entertainment and connection purposes. While YouTube is great, my community is with other gamers who have moved on to for video game entertainment.

Courtney, AKA “the Client Guru”

Courtney uses social media to analyze client’s profiles and monitor pages to make sure that content is being uploaded. Social media is also her go-to source for the latest in marketing news. Well actually, it’s her go-to source for all news. She utilizes Facebook to keep in touch with family and friends while also following her favorite news channels to stay informed on everything going on in the world.

Courtney clearly prefers the real time aspect of social media for getting information, both with clients and connections.

Jessica, AKA “the Analyst”

On a daily basis you can find Jessica on the backend of social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Her job as an analyst requires her to look at large sums of analytical data on social media sites and make sense of it, not an easy feat to accomplish. After a long day of staring at Excel sheets, Jessica prefers to wind down with Twitter and Instagram, describing herself as more of a social media lurker. She enjoys scrolling through these sites and seeing what is trending and what her connections have posted.

Social media provides Jessica with a way to put her analytical prowess to great use and a way to stay connected with the world and what is trending.

Kathleen, AKA “the Artist”

Kathleen utilizes the world of social media daily to gain inspiration on her next masterpiece of content for a client’s channel. She monitors the client’s competitors to see what they are posting while also checking up on what is popular and trending in the relevant arenas. Kathleen also has her own food blog that she utilizes social to promote, primarily sharing on Facebook and Twitter, and posting pictures to Instagram.

To Kathleen, social media has proven to be another tool in her arsenal as she tackles the challenges of content creation for clients.

The differences are astonishing in how differently social media marketers use social in their everyday real lives. Whether it’s to research clients, perform analytical analysis, or gain inspiration for content, social media can be utilized in many different ways based on the requirements of the job or the individual’s personality.

How do you use social media on an everyday basis? Do you look to gain inspiration for your next creation or prefer to see what others have created and leave your own feedback? Do you focus on communicating with your friends and family or do you prefer to be a social media lurker?

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