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Facebook recently launched a new offers section, YouTube is rolling out some new non-video features and Instagram Stories is Snapchat’s new rival, all in this week’s Social You Should Know.

Now It’s Easier for Brands to Distribute Coupons on Facebook

Yesterday, Facebook launched its revamped Offers section. Until now, it’s hasn’t been easy for brands to distribute and effectively track digital coupons on Facebook. So, I have to admit that this Offers revamp is exciting – at least from what we know about it so far! Here’s why: Advertisers can set up exclusive coupons and offers, and then target users most likely to redeem or share them. Coupons can include a bar code or a QR code, so they can track usage. Users will be able to have the bar codes scanned right from their Facebook screen, and the best part? All the coupons they choose to “clip” will be added to a central repository that reminds them which coupons they have and when they expire.

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YouTube Rolling Out New Non-Video Features

YouTube will be rolling out some pretty cool new features. By the end of the year, ‘Backstage’ will be rolling out, which allow users to share multimedia content like polls, photos, links, text photos and videos to subscribers. The timeline will be in reverse chronological order and channel subscribers will receive notifications every time content is shared to the feed.

Instagram Recommending ‘Stories’ in Explore Tab

Instagram ‘Stories’ may still get some shade for mimicking Snapchat, but it’s gaining traction. Stories are shared by 100M+ people daily, which is 1/3 of the platform’s active user base. It doesn’t appear to have effected Snapchat usage, either. And you may see Stories featured in the Explore tab now. Instagram is highlighting relevant Stories there, which potentially holds more avenues for your branded content to get discovered.

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