Global Mobile Messaging Applications: Everything You Need To Know

Have you been hearing whispers about “important 1 to 1 social networks” and “mobile messaging usage being on the rise” but haven’t had the time to dig into all of the platforms that this covers? Well, you’re in luck because we have, and we’re sharing the important stuff on our blog this month.

In the first of our series taking a deep dive into mobile messaging applications, I’ll give you a high-level overview of the platforms you should be familiar with.

Let’s start by answering the initial question you may have: Why should marketers be concerned with mobile messaging applications?  In short?  The landscape has been changing and continues to change.  Let’s dive into some research that shows how usage and behavior are leaning in the direction of these applications.

The Landscape

Mobile messaging usage is still on the rise.


Mobile Messaging Grows Year over Year 2013


Mobile Messaging Grows Year over Year

And not only is it on the rise, but it’s dominating people’s attention.

Average Daily Session Frequency for Messaging Applications vs Other Applications

And when most applications can only hold a user’s attention for a few short months, messaging applications users keep coming back and maintain their use of the platforms.

Average Retention Rates for Messaging Apps vs Other Apps

Here are the largest platforms, by user base, according to Statista.

TopMessaging Applications by Millions of Users by Statista

While many platforms tout impressive user bases, global adoption is more difficult. Here are the locations where your favorite applications are most popular.

Global Messaging Applications by Country

So what if you already knew about the incredibly popular and addictive nature of these applications, but also aren’t sure how they apply for your brand?

What should brands do?

Many of these applications are relying on games and stickers and/or GIFs to power their revenue stream. Yet, several still have limited opportunities for brands to immediately take advantage of. So how do brands decide if and how to follow their audiences in these spaces? We’ve included some possible questions to consider when determining whether or not to take advantage of this space:

  • Do you currently have a celebrity partner or high-profile influencer who uses these networks to engage with their fans? Consider asking that they promote your brand in a native way on the platform.
  • Are you a brand that values 1-1 communication and engagement with your customers? Consider using one or more of these platforms as a customer service tool and cross-promote it as such on other networks.
  • Are you a global brand, heavily focused on Asia and/or India? Mobile usage in these regions is high, and with that, mobile messaging applications dominate the conversations. Your brand may require a presence on these channels to compete.

Finally, keep your eye on our blog in the coming weeks for a deeper analysis of some of the top applications, such as WeChat, WhatsApp, LINE and others.

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