What LinkedIn's New Features Mean for B2B Marketers

What LinkedIn’s New Features Mean for B2B Marketers

During this time of uncertainty, one thing we can be sure about is that social platforms will continue to find ways to accommodate their users. LinkedIn’s new features provide some exciting opportunities for B2B Marketers to continue to grow their businesses. 

LinkedIn’s New Features

  • LinkedIn polls
  • Link header options
  • Page updates

LinkedIn Polls

LinkedIn officially announced polls are one of it’s latest features and we see this as a great way for brands to tap into their audience. Whether the goal is to receive feedback, ask ‘yes or no’ questions, or want to engage a community interactively, polls are a welcome addition to LinkedIn. Polls will allow up to four answer options and can be run anywhere from 24 hours to two weeks. Polls are also available for users who’d simply like to connect with their contacts or groups. 

LinkedIn's New Features - Polls
Source: LinkedIn

Link Header Options

Typically, when users create link posts the text below the image appears in a gray box. LinkedIn is considering text boxes that are adaptive and will use the color that is dominant in the photo. If you rely on colors to really identify your brand this would be a great opportunity for someone to see in the feed a color and think of your brand. Alternatively, LinkedIn is looking into simply having the text overlay the feature image. It will be interesting to see which they ultimately stick with. 

LinkedIn's New Features - Link Header, Social Media Today Example

LinkedIn Page Updates

Early this year, LinkedIn reminded its users of tactics the platform offers that allows pages to further engage with their audience. Options such as ‘invite to follow’ and the ability to easily change from personal to page account are two ways to boost your brand presence.

Lastly, LinkedIn Live, which debuted earlier this year, allows your audience to gain real-time thought leadership and insights into your brand. 

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