Facebook Pages Redesign; What Brands Should Expect

Facebook Pages Redesign; What Brands Should Expect

In early 2021, Facebook announced the redesign of Pages for businesses, public figures, and others to include a new experience for users and admins alike. There are a multitude of updates that we can expect to roll out over the coming months, mainly a new layout, the removal of Page ‘likes’, and new options for management of the Page. Here’s a breakdown of what you need to know and how to prepare.

Facebook Pages Redesign; What Brands Should Expect

About The New Facebook Pages Layout

Directly on the Page, the profile photo will be front and center, near a more prominent follow button. The goal of this change is to make the Page simpler and more intuitive for users and admins.

The new Pages experience also includes a dedicated Pages News Feed. In the feed, it will be easier for Pages to discover and join conversations, follow trends, interact, and engage with fans. The News Feed will also suggest new connections – other public figures, Pages, Groups, and trending content that a Page or public figure cares about and would want to follow. Having the ability to comment directly from the News Feed allows increased visibility for your brand by those following your Page and an opportunity for additional proactive engagement.

Facebook Pages Redesign

Removal of Page Likes

Previously, Facebook users had the ability to like and follow a public page, however with this new update, the only metric indicating the number of people who will see your page is followers, as likes will be gone completely. When the transition happens, users who followed your page will remain followers, users who liked your page will not transfer. Before the update, users had the option to unfollow a Page while still liking it, these users will not transfer either as they have chosen to unfollow. With the removal of Page likes, brands may see a decrease in numbers of those following their page.

With the new sole metric of followers, brands will have a better understanding of the number of people who are actively choosing to receive updates, which in turn makes them likely to engage. This said you may see a decrease in organic engagement if audiences who originally “liked” the brand page haven’t chosen to “follow” it. Our analysts plan to keep a close eye on these metrics to see if these changes have an impact on brand page metrics.

Changes to Roles and Management

There will be levels of access unseen in Pages before for those who will be helping to manage the Page. Levels range from full admin access to partial access for insights. Each level of access will also be able to control certain backend settings. Full access Page managers will be able to use Admin Tools as a way to have oversight on the page. Admin Tools includes: Insights Overview, Page Access, and direct access to the new Pages guide and Business Help Center. 

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Additional Features to Take Note Of

  • New Q&A format to engage with followers
  • Actionable insights from audience trends and top-performing content
  • Safety and integrity features to detect spammy content and impersonator accounts

How to Prepare Your Page for the Rollout

As the new Pages slowly roll out over the coming months, we advise you to review Facebook’s FAQs on the redesign as well as take the following steps:

  • Monitor your page layout for any major changes, updating items as needed.
  • Begin brainstorming opportunities to leverage the new Q&A feature so that you’re ready to utilize the tool once it’s available to you.
  • Once your page has updated, review page access and ensure the right people have the permissions/access needed to successfully continue the implementation of social content/advertising.

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