Tracking Sales at Retail from Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing can drive sales for retail brands, but accurately tracking sales lift can be tricky. In a new blog post on Carusele, our digital marketing experts explain four methods for measuring influencer marketing ROI when it comes to in-store and online sales.

The post covers using geofencing with a test and control, tracking promotion codes and coupon redemptions, benchmarking sales days, and conducting brand lift studies. Each method has its own pros and cons. The full explanations provide brands with a useful guide for choosing the right influencer marketing measurement strategy.

One approach is geofencing a test region where influencer content is pushed and comparing sales to a control region without influencer content. The sales lift in the test region, accounting for typical sales patterns, reveals the influencer impact. Just be aware most influencers have national audiences, so their content needs to be geotargeted.

Tracking coupon downloads or redemption of special promo codes shared by influencers also connects marketing to sales. But codes can spread widely online, complicating measurement. Sales could also come from buyers who would have purchased anyway and used a code they found to save money.

Benchmarking compares sales on promotion days to similar non-promotion days. This helps isolate the influencer marketing impact. Just avoid running other promotions at the same time that could skew sales figures.

While not a direct sales measurement, brand lift studies estimate how many exposed consumers ultimately made a purchase. But limitations on pixel tracking make this hard to implement for social media campaigns.

The full Carusele blog post explains these methodologies in-depth. It provides brands with a blueprint for designing an influencer marketing tracking strategy tailored to their business. Proper measurement takes planning, but it enables brands to calculate the ROI of influencer efforts and optimize future marketing.

Check out the complete article on Carusele for the full list of tips on measuring sales lift from influencer marketing campaigns.

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