The Secret to Getting A Better ROI for Your Brands Marketing Efforts

It’s always a shame to see a brands social budget get the axe because management has decided to invest in other digital marketing or push banner ads. We’re hoping that those days are far and few after results from a recent study conducted by Nielsen Catalina Solutions has finally shown the true value of influencer marketing campaigns and how they can provide better sales lift results for your brand.

Nielsen Catalina, in conjunction with TapInfluence and WhiteWave Foods, conducted a trial that compared the difference between traditional banner ad results to that of an influencer campaign. And unlike many influencer campaigns, there was no additional paid media distribution towards influencer content. The results were so significant, that the partners gathered together three times to check the data for accuracy. Sure enough, the influencer campaign had 16x higher ROI than the average digital marketing campaign analyzed, and 11x better return than a traditional banner ad campaign.


By now I’m sure you’re asking yourself, “But how!?” Check out the full story here.

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