Off-Facebook Activity Launching October 1st

Off-Facebook Activity
Source: Facebook

The off-Facebook Activity tool, also known as “Clear History”, will be launching in the United States on October 1st. The full roll-out should be complete by the end of the year. This tool has been in testing phases for a while and has rolled out in other countries up until this point. Many social media advertisers have been awaiting this news and the potential repercussions that might come from it.

What is Off-Facebook Activity?

In an effort for Facebook to improve their transparency and privacy reputation, Facebook is giving users more control over the data websites and apps share with Facebook. Users will be able to see a list of websites that have sent information through Facebook through business tools, the Pixel or Facebook Login. Users can then decide if they want to disconnect this information from their account and if they want to disconnect future off-Facebook activity from their account. They can select all activity or just activity from specific websites or apps.

Off-Facebook Activity
Source: Facebook

What Does it Mean to Disconnect Activity?

Even if users disconnect their activity, they will still see ads. Disconnecting user’s activity doesn’t mean it is deleted. It just means the data isn’t associated with their account. It can still be used to let businesses know how their website or ads are performing.

Off-Facebook Implications for Marketers

Time will tell how serious the implications are based on the user adoption of the off-Facebook activity tool. Marketers will still be able to reach people that have disconnected; however, they might be less relevant and qualified. If adoption becomes mainstream, which we would be surprised if it does, advertisers will likely see their efficiencies decrease as it will be harder to reach their exact audience. If this is the case, advertisers will need to get a little more creative and target based on on-Facebook activities, as well as custom and lookalike audiences. Also, it appears that the use of 3rd party data providers will still be a possibility for brands to leverage.

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