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How to Review Competitors’ Ads On Facebook

In an effort to create more transparency after their big privacy debacle, Facebook has released a way to view all ads that a page is currently running across Facebook, Instagram and the Messenger and Audience networks.  Previously, you could only see what competitors were doing by looking at the posts on their page. Now that paid ads are such a large part of social media, that method only shows a tiny piece of what they’re doing. This new feature will be very useful for brands hoping to scope out and review competitor ads.

To access the new Info and Ads tab on desktop, go to any business page and click “Info and Ads” from the sidebar on the left.


To access from mobile, click the “i” icon under the cover photo on the page.


Remember that this will only show ads that the page is currently running, so you can’t see what they’ve done in the past, but it can be very helpful to see what your competitors are doing at certain times. This could prove especially useful during ultra-competitive times of year, like the holidays, so we recommend that you visit this page every week or two to keep an eye on what they’re doing. You might find some inspiration, or better yet, find a way to differentiate yourself by making sure you aren’t running similar ads. Happy snooping!

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