How to Make the Most of Your Influencer Strategy

Influencers have taken the marketing world by storm. As demand grows within the marketing industry, so does the need to get the most out of influencer strategy and to use these influential content creators in unique ways. Read on for some of our top recommendations on how to get the most out of your influencer strategy.

Give Your Content New Life

Congrats! Your dollars were well-spent on high-quality, original content produced by influencers… but now what? Here’s your opportunity to really see the value of that work. The life of that content doesn’t have to and shouldn’t end on a blog post or in one social share. It’s time to let that beautiful content take flight by boosting it on social channels or repurposing it in the form of digital ads.

By boosting content on platforms like Facebook and Instagram, you are putting additional funds behind the content that is the best of the best. That money goes towards showing your content to a larger target audience that matches your desired demographics. If you’re wise in optimizing during this process, this will likely result in high engagement numbers as well.

Display ads take your content and move it off of your traditional social channels, showing instead on web pages that are relevant to your brand or related to something your audiences would be viewing. Using influencer content within these ads or linking to it is a sure way to have your brand stand out in the sea of click-bait and unoriginal ads.

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Take Your Influencers Offline

Hopefully we’re on the same page… influencer testimonials and creative content have an important role in your social strategy and can take it to the next level. But what if you have physical activations that you want to support? Now we’re talking – store openings, promotional events, or activations that need coverage are all great opportunities to get your influencers involved as a genuine and pure voice.

Whether you send an Instagram influencer to Coachella to be the face of your brand, or work with a style and beauty influencer to cover a NY Fashion Week charity event on Periscope, don’t underestimate the power of influencers. These groups and individuals have worked hard to build voices and opinions that their audiences trust and seek out. Getting influential content creators out from behind a computer screen and on the ground in the middle of the excitement is a surefire way to both get the best out of those influencers and bring a genuine and organic feel to your activation.

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Here at Ignite Social Media, #Collaboration is one of our core values and something we pride ourselves on as a company. Within social media strategy and influencer plans, this is equally as important if you want to get the most out of your work. One crucial piece to bringing your influencer strategy full circle is getting brand channels involved and engaging with organic content and social activations. This not only builds brands’ credibility with audiences, but also opens doors for transforming influencers into brand ambassadors, who become known in their communities as the go-to experts for what you have to offer.

Additionally, if you want the best out of your influencer strategy, it should never be treated as the red-headed-stepchild who is kept out of the loop and is sent to work alone. As you prepare plans for where influencers will come into play, use them to support existing initiatives or build a content strategy around influencer work. When building your social media plans, make sure to blend influencer strategies into the mix and keep lines of communication open across digital marketing efforts to really get the most out of your efforts.

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