More Branded Social Media Content We Love: Sept 2023

To grow your audience on social media, your content needs to be original, eye-catching, and engaging. That might sound hard to do, but don’t worry.

We are sharing our top picks for most inspiring and engaging social media posts over the past month.

Our video will help walk you through the visuals, but if you prefer to read along, we’ve summarized the highlights of the discussion below.

7 of our Favorite Creative Social Media Trends of September 2023

Here is a list of 7 of our favorite social media posts we saw this month.

1. Quick and Timely Content About Current Events

First up, we love this quick and quippy post from Merriam-Webster on X, formerly Twitter. After California experienced a one-of-a-kind, simultaneous hurricane and earthquake this month, the dictionary company quickly chimed in with, “‘Hurriquake’ is a new one for us, too. This post was great because it was super timely, fun, and straight to the point. It proves that sometimes a simple post is enough. You don’t need to be ‘dazzling’ with every post.

It was engaging, captured something people were already talking about, and felt like an authentic and natural way for them to jump into the conversation.

Their post got a high level of engagement, including tons of reposts. It was spot-on.

2. Authentic UGC Content

User-generated content (UGC) can be a great way to add authenticity and dimension to a brand. We love this recent example from Target.

It is adorable and relatable, and we love that it links to a Facebook Group where other customers can share their photos.

Providing a Call to Action that drives customers to share photos encourages a ton of engagement with the post. It got a lot of comments and shares.

Furthermore, using the Facebook Group adds some exclusivity and interest to the post. It encourages people to join the group to see everyone’s photos. It also creates a lot of additional UGC that the brand can use later.

We’d say that’s an adorable win-win.

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3. Surprise and Delight

This post from The Color Factory is a fun way to grab an audience’s attention.

First, the colors pop right off the screen. Everything is bright and colorful, which is eye-catching and very on-brand for them.

Secondly, the use of motion is really effective. A lot happens in each frame, and the frames interact, making you stop and watch. It takes a few re-watches to take it all in.

To top it all off, this post is a thank you post to their team members. The elements of fun and attention to detail behind this post makes it a more authentic, engaging post than your typical team appreciation post.

This innovative and fun post style has many dynamic uses, from product launches to brand announcements, and more.

4. Emoji Comment Poll

Calm recently asked their Facebook audience, “Which emoji represents your favorite bad-day fix?” We love this post for various reasons.

First, asking a question is a great way to promote engagement. The call to action encourages people to comment on the post. By asking for emoji responses instead of written answers, Calm makes commenting completely effortless. Better yet, Calm provided some pre-defined emojis for the audience to use in the corresponding graphic.

An added benefit of this type of post is that it also gives Calm insights about their audience’s preferences. For example, if most people commented with the “had a rest” emoji, then they can plan some future content around a sleep story or other sleep-related content.

This type of post requires a solid understanding of your audience, but it is super simple, effective, insightful, and can generate future content.

5. Juxtapose Copy and Visuals

This next post from Yeti shows the timelessness of their brand and uses extremely simple yet impactful copy and visuals to get their message across.

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A post shared by YETI (@yeti)

On one side, the visual is something super disposable. They directly juxtapose their product on the other side, clearly showing how their products are durable and built to last. The copy for each side also plays off each other and is simple and clever.

Yeti’s audience cares about the environment and creating less waste, and this post capitalizes on that message. This post got a ton of likes, positive comments, and engagement for the brand.

Furthermore, it looks like this post uses images of real billboards. If they are real, this is a great example of repurposing content across different mediums. Even if they aren’t real billboards, this is a creative and eye-catching way to present their message.

6. Make Sales Data Fun

This continuous carousel post from Chipotle was super fun and interesting. It reminded us of the continuous carousel post we loved from Indy Car last month.
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A post shared by Chipotle (@chipotle)

They took sales data from different states and made it super fun and interesting.

If your brand has many locations, this is a fun way to compare them and encourage engagement. We scrolled through the entire carousel because we were so curious to learn the different fun facts.

Depending on the data, it can also create some fun debate in the comments if people agree or disagree with the top-sold product in their area. People also requested that Chipotle make follow-up posts to include data for additional states not yet listed, so posts like this can become a content series.

Visually, this style of post is simple to recreate. It just uses a simple US map, a product image, and some text.

7. Quick Videos without Sound

This LinkedIn video post from Slack is super eye-catching but super simple.

We like that it uses video without sound. Often, when we think of video content, we feel like we need sound, too. However, the use of just video makes this simpler and easier to make.

We also love the quick movement and bright color changes. These details are interesting and on-brand for Slack. Chef’s kiss.

Content We Love: September Takeaways

We had a great time making this list this month. It gave us a lot of great, new social media trends to try, and our creative juices are flowing. Stay tuned for our list next month.

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