What’s New with Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups bring together people with shared likes and interests, allowing them to engage in a smaller, more private space. This isn’t a new feature – it’s actually been around for a while – but new updates announced during the F8 conference look to put Facebook Groups front-and-center on the social platform.

A new Facebook layout is among the updates announced during the conference and helps bring Groups into the spotlight with a redesigned tab. The new Groups tab will be located in the top center of the platform. Within the tab, you’ll find a new personalized feed that includes the activities of all of your groups while also helping you discover new groups based on improved recommendations. This update has the potential to bring more attention to Groups and add to the hundreds of millions that already belong to Groups.

Facebook is also making it easier to participate with your Groups. Not only will you see more content from them in your News Feed, but you’ll be able to share content with the groups you’re in – just like you would with your friends. This could be very beneficial for brands.  If one of your brand posts was shared within a group of people with similar interests, those who may not follow the brand could see it, potentially leading to more brand awareness.

While there are key strategies every Group can take advantage of, strategies are not one-size-fits-all. To help Groups tailor their content, Facebook has included updates designed with specific groups in mind. For example, employers in Job groups will get a new template to post job openings, members of Heath Support groups will be able to post anonymously, and members of Gaming Groups will see a new chat feature that allows different threads for different topics. Facebook is also looking at ways to improve the Facebook Live shopping experience in Buy and Sell groups.

With all these updates, Groups could gain even more popularity for personal use and brands alike. Want to learn more about Facebook Groups and how to use them? Reach out to us!

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