Content for the Customer Journey – Phase V: Loyalty & Advocacy

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You’ve found your target audience, they’ve considered your product, and you’ve gotten that all-important conversion. Now what? The next stage in the customer journey is what we like to call the advocacy content phase. Once someone has converted, the next ideal step is for that customer to turn others on to the brand or product.

Loyalty & Advocacy Content for the Customer Journey

Your content’s job at this stage of the journey is to encourage these “advocacy actions” – actions from your buyers that recommend your product to the buyer’s network. Shares and retweets are just the beginning! Asking for user-generated content (UGC) from fans and sharing recommendations & reviews should be considered for customers in this stage of the journey.

Ask for UGC

With our phones constantly in our hands, today’s buyers are more likely than ever to snap a photo of their newest purchase. Your job as a content creator is to make sure as many people see that image as possible. Use call to actions that encourage the customer to post with your branded hashtag or develop contests that reward people for their images.

If people are already using your hashtags during the buying process, be sure to reward them by sharing their photos on your channels! Collecting and repurposing UGC is a low cost, highly effective content strategy.

Gather Reviews & Referrals

Don’t forget about repurposing reviews! If your customers are letting you know they love your product, turn that into content to encourage more people to share their reviews. A product image with a text overlay of the buyer’s review is a simple way to show off advocate reviews.

Example of loyalty & advocacy content for the customer journey

If you’ve built an audience who consistently buys your product, creating content that encourages repeat reviews is a great idea. Source and request reviews from your buyers. They get to share their love of your product, and you get to turn those reviews into inspiration for more content!

Creating loyalty & advocacy content for the customer journey

Don’t forget about referrals. If you have a referral or ambassador program, make sure your top fans know about it by creating content that encourages their participation regularly. They’ll feel like they are part of an elite group, and they’ll be activated to spread the word within their networks!

loyalty & advocacy content for the customer journey

These content types are what turns a converted customer into a true advocate. As people rely heavily on their networks and word of mouth to choose products, cultivating these advocates is very important for brands looking to increase sales with their social media content. Ready to read more? Check out our full Content for the Customer Journey eBook.

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