Content for the Customer Journey – Phase IV: Post-Purchase

Congratulations, you did it! You got someone to buy your product. 👏🏼 So what do you do now? 🤔

Well, we can tell you what NOT to do – don’t forget about that person. In a world driven by sales, revenue, KPIs, ROI, and plenty of other acronyms, marketers don’t always think about retention or deepening their relationships because it’s less tangible and therefore, harder to measure the return. But continually working customers through the customer journey (see the McKinsey Loop illustration below) means you don’t stop after they purchase from you, you keep cultivating relationships in the hope that they’ll purchase again and even advocate for you. That’s why creating content specifically for your post-purchase customers is so important. Here are some tips to keep in mind when creating this kind of content.


Post-Purchase Content for the Customer Journey

1. Answer Their Questions

They’ve bought your product or service, now what do they do with it? How does it work? What problems will it solve? Are there #ProTips or hacks for using it? This kind of content can be invaluable to someone who’s just purchased something for the first time. Look at the FAQs on your website and see what could be turned into social posts. Do some social listening and see what questions consumers ask, especially after they first purchase. Comments in your community are a gold mine for content creation. The bonus for creating these posts is that they can also help people in other stages of the customer journey – like people researching products or simply to gain interest from prospects who’ve never heard of your brand.

Our client, CFA Program, listens to audience feedback and uses it to inspire helpful new content, as shown in this post demonstrating a handy function on the exam-approved calculator.

2.Reinforce Their Decision

People like validation to see that they’ve made the right decision, so help your fans feel good about their purchase decision. This could be showing charitable aspects of your business, made possible by sales, or even asking them for feedback on how to improve or change products. This can give them the sense that they’re part of your team, in turn generating a stronger emotional connection. Our client, Altar’d State, does a great job of showing guests that their purchases make a difference in the world, which sparks them to shop even more.

3. Upsell or Cross-sell

They’ve bought from you once, now is your chance to see what other products or services could complement their previous purchase(s). Create content showcasing new items or add-ons and retarget to consumers who’ve already purchased from you. This helps keep your brand top of mind and shows them you are still paying attention to them after they’ve purchased.

We hope these tips for creating impactful post-purchase content for the customer journey have been helpful! Ready to read more? Check out our full Content for the Customer Journey eBook.

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