4 Emerging Social Media Communities

Social media is a constantly changing force to be reckoned with. At times the changes can feel overwhelming. It seems that just as you have a grasp on your social media strategy, something comes along that shakes it to its core. At Ignite Social Media, we are here to help you weather these changes and stay on top of the latest social trends. Today, let’s examine four recently emerging social media communities.

The Patron Parent

There are many obvious differences between a parent and a non-parent. The priorities and work-life balance changes dramatically. What also changes are the ways that a parent interacts with social media. In a recent survey conducted by Facebook IQ it was found that “parents…aren’t just posting cute kid photos…[they] were more likely than non-parents…to say they use both Facebook and Instagram to stay in touch with their favorite businesses.” This insight leads us to examine the Patron Parent. As new responsibilities take hold in their lives, parents are now on the lookout for brands and companies that meet their needs for their little ones. Whether it be coupons, discounts, social responsibility or the latest investor news, parents are more invested in what their frequented businesses are up to on a regular basis.

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Source: AdWeek

The Social Rolodex

Among the many other insights in the Facebook IQ study, it was found that “51% of male respondents said Facebook helps them organize their lives, and 47% said the same for Instagram.” The information that was once handwritten and alphabetically organized in a rolodex that sat near the phone, has now been replaced by Facebook and Instagram’s many functions and reminders. Whether it be a best friend’s birthday, the latest news, or a favorite band that is coming to town for a show; males are turning to their social media channels to help them keep track of their day to day experiences and obligations. To the older generations this may seem an impossibility, but to the ever connected millennial, Facebook and Instagram are the new and improved rolodex with built in notifications and reminders.

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X > Y

Since Snapchat’s release it has been largely popular with the younger generations. Enjoyed for its disappearing messages, photos, and videos; Snapchat was the perfect form of communication to capture glimpses of a day in the life that were available to friends and family for 10 seconds at a time to 24 hours if added to a person’s Snap Story. Snapchat enjoyed a steady growth pattern from the 16-24 age demographic until Q1 2016 when a new trend emerged. It became apparent that Gen X was catching on to the platform and utilizing it to communicate with their children, friends and family members. For the past three quarters Gen Y has seen a steady decrease on the platform while Gen X has seen a steady growth rate of 15%. It seems that, as with all social channels, the older generation has started to explore while the younger generation has moved on to the latest and greatest form of instant communication.

The Foreign Photographer

Instagram has long been known as a channel for the inner photographer in all of us, with filters and tools to make even the most mundane of subjects a work of art. What many people don’t realize is that “80% of Instagram users live outside the US.” With a demographic so heavily international it was only a matter of time before Instagram changed up the platform capabilities and began catering to this demographic. By introducing a translate button, users are now able to fully interact with the captions and comments posted by foreign users in their native language. For example, a photo caption posted by your favorite Japanese photographer can now be translated into English, Spanish, French, Italian, etc. so that you can truly experience the moment with them and comment back knowing that your comment will be enjoyed, appreciated and understood by the photographer themselves.

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Source: AdWeek

Having only scratched the surface of the latest emerging social communities, it is easy to see that there is much to be learned and studied in order to stay on top of the most current trends. Looking for help in this area? Reach out and contact us or follow our blog for the hottest social media updates.

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