5 Content Creators to Take Your Campaign to the Next Level

Hunting for the perfect content creators for your social media strategy isn’t always an easy feat. When your client’s needs venture far from the realm of family, food, or beauty, it’s time to get especially creative in your search. In the world of content creators, there is no shortage of fabulous style YouTubers or family-focused mom bloggers. While some of our favorite people to work with at Ignite Social Media often fall into these categories, limiting yourself to only work with standard content creators can stunt the impact of your overall social media strategy. Below are 5 types of content creators who can take your program to the next level.

Strong, Hard-core WomenJessica Blog 1

These content creators are a unique breed – independent, unapologetic, and powerful. These women speak their minds without reservation and are serious advocates for all things girl-power. They serve as inspiration for women everywhere, laughing in the face of stereotypes that tell girls they can’t or shouldn’t do things because of their gender.

They write about things that challenge the status quo and take an out-of-the-box approach to most topics they address. Their content is always top-notch, because they also tend to be perfectionists, who settle for nothing but the best. If you are looking to expand your reach to those outside of conservative and straight-laced audiences, these content creators are a surefire way to do it.

Adventure-seeking VagabondsJessica Blog 2

These travelers always seem to have a suitcase packed and are ready for the next adventure at the drop of a hat. Whether it’s venturing off the beaten path or visiting some of the world’s most famous attractions, these content creators are the experts when it comes to living on the go and needing products that are dependable and brands that live up to their promises.

When thinking through the types of content creators you’d like to use in your social strategy, just think… do your products or services play well into the lives of a one of these adventurers? If so, this is an easy way to reach people who otherwise would likely be outside of your audience, while building awareness about the quality of your brand.

45+ Age GroupJessica Blog 3

Let’s be honest, this is a demographic that often doesn’t appreciate the value of social media marketing, if they are even active on social platforms personally. Top-quality content creators, who are over 45 years old and really GET social media, are hard to find and extremely important to hold on to. Having decades of experience above the plethora of millennial bloggers, these content creators know the importance of producing amazing work and also tend to be more loyal brand advocates than their younger counterparts.

For most brands, these content creators can play an important part in social strategy, having reputations for being experienced, honest, and consistent. They also naturally draw an older audience, which can be difficult to capture when using younger content creators. Don’t be fooled, this doesn’t mean boring- we’ve seen some fun and quirky content come from this group! The bottom line is, social media doesn’t always equal young, so don’t limit yourself by thinking that way.

Working MomsJessica Blog 4

These women are about as close as you can get to superheroes. They are well respected and flourish in their full time jobs, they never miss cheering on their kids at soccer games, and still have time to maintain a consistent voice across their social channels and produce beautiful content. Their content and approach is typically very different from that of full-time mommy bloggers.

They speak frankly about having to juggle so many things on the day to day, but also manage to make it look as though they never miss a beat. If your client’s products or services fit into the things that makes weekly craziness a little bit better, they won’t hesitate to advocate them boldly and honestly. This authenticity is sure to build credibility with the brand and will also appeal to audiences beyond stay-at-home moms.

Platform-Specific InfluencersJessica Blog 5

When goals are set based on numbers and reach, it’s easy to focus only on content creators who have large followings on every individual platform. DON’T do this! There are countless content creators who do fantastic work, but specialize on only one or two platforms. When you’re working out your strategy for a program, think about what platforms are the most important to you. Is it Instagram? Is it YouTube? If so, consider taking a look at content creators who have a big influence in those specific channels.

One perk of working with this group is that their work is extremely optimized for their given platform and is almost always top-quality, so you know the content you’re getting is sure to do well on that given channel. Audiences also tend to be more die-hard fans, which often leads to more engagement. No, this group may not be the perfect fit for every program, but don’t miss out on an amazing experience of working with them because you’re closeminded when thinking through your social media strategy.

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