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Twitter promoted accounts go mobile while Facebook data goes real-time | Social You Should Know

Jim Tobin.
By: Jim Tobin  |   December 21, 2013  |   View Comments

As we wrap up 2013, this will be the last Social You Should Know for the year. Thank you all for your readership and support throughout the year.

Twitter Promoted Accounts Now on Mobile

Brands have been able to get their promoted tweets into the mobile Twitter feed for quite some time, but Twitter is now allowing brands’ promoted accounts to appear in the mobile news feed, not buried in the Discover tab. It’s officially in “Beta” according to Twitter, but now available for brands with an interest.

Facebook Insights Now Real-Time, Going Back to 7/19/11

Good news for page admins trying to get data on page performance more quickly. This week, Facebook rolled out an update to Insights that includes real-time data (as opposed to the prior two-to-three day lag). This will be incredibly helpful for analyzing time-sensitive campaigns, like brand activations of the Super Bowl or the Emmys. In addition, Facebook has made sure that data is now available for all pages back to July 19, 2011. That’s the day that Page Insights first launched.

How People Share is Changing

Like all things in social media (it seems), the way people share content changed in 2013. Pinterest increased their sharing the most of any social network, by 50% in fact, but that’s only good enough for 2% of the “share market.” Facebook sharing decreased 11% globally over 2012, but they remain number one at 26% of shares (down from 28% in 2012). Twitter accounts for 13% of all sharing, a 3% gain. Somewhat surprising is that 70% of all social sharing comes from Windows devices, although 57% of mobile sharing specifically takes place on Android powered devices.

Finally, if you’re in the business of social media marketing like we are, there’s good news. LinkedIn ranked that as the #1 hottest skill set desired by employers in 2013, edging out mobile development.

Congrats to us, the social geeks!

Enjoy the holidays.

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