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26 Facebook Fan Page Examples in Detail

Lisa Braziel.
By: Lisa Braziel  |   January 12, 2011  |   View Comments

Since the conclusion of our previous series "26 Social Media Marketing Examples in Detail" and with the start of the new year, I have been inspired yet again to evaluate what other brands are doing in the space. However, instead of covering what a brand is doing across multiple platforms, in this series we will uncover specifically what the top brands on Facebook are doing on their pages to engage with their fans.

Armed with Jim's list of top pages from his ongoing series "Top Facebook Pages" I have hand selected 26 Facebook fan page examples that we will review over the course of this series.

1. Starbucks

2. Oreo

3. Disney

4. Skittles

5. Red Bull

6. MTV

7. Victoria's Secret

8. iTunes

9. Pringles

10. Monster Energy

11. Zara

12. Dr. Pepper

13. Playstation

14. Starburst

15. McDonald's

16. Reese's

17. H&M

18. Taco Bell

19. Lacoste

20. Chick-fil-A

21. BMW

22. Mountain Dew

23. 5 Gum

24. Buffalo Wild Wings

25. Target

26. Forever 21

Since I've selected these with my own personal preferences - please share in the comments below if you'd like to see any replacements or suggestions of other brands to review in this process.

Otherwise, let the fun begin!

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