4 Top Social Media Promotions of 2016

Throughout the year we keep our eyes peeled for those social media promotions that stick out from the pile, from the innovative to the simple activations, here are four of the top social media promotions that we felt shined in 2016.

Cheetos Museum – Halloween Edition Sweepstakes

Do you ever look at your snacks and think of them like clouds, where occasionally they take the form of another object, like a T-Rex? Cheetos took that thought (that maybe not everyone has had) and turned it into a contest. Launching their Halloween Edition Cheetos Museum contest, they asked for fans to upload their photos of oddly shaped Cheetos.


The ten best shapes submitted got their Cheeto featured in the Cheetos art collection and were awarded with $10,000 in prize money. I don’t know about you but having the chance to win money just by eating a snack, I’d gladly eat anyways? Genius.

Esurance – #esurancesweepstakes

Going back to the beginning-ish of the year to the bowl that’s large and shall not be named, let’s give a shout out to Esurance. With nearly 2 million mentions and no game-time commercial, Esurance’s simple sweepstakes gained a lot of visibility without shelling out the big bucks for air time. However, their prize, which was a little more than $1 million given away to 17 people did cost but the engagements and the reactions they received were top notch. To enter, users just had to retweet the brands content and to keep the excitement going throughout the duration Esurance posted videos where they face-timed the winners right after notifying them that they won. Great way to gain fans, create awareness and really this can be done with a lower prize pool but definitely keep the reaction videos if you plan something like this out for your brand as it’s a great way to show your audience they really do have a chance to win.


Garth in TN Ticket Giveaway

To celebrate his 7th diamond, Garth Brooks launched his Celebration Show an promoted the show by allowing fans a chance to win tickets in a Snapchat giveaway. By following the account, users were prompted with messaging instructing them of how to participate. You can see from the screen grabs below how the flow worked. First they were given a time, then a code which drove them to a site to enter it as quickly as they could. 900 tickets were given away limiting each person to two which allowed for 450 fans to score some free tickets. This promotion was innovative, as not many brands have played around in the Snapchat playground. If it makes sense for your brand’s target audience, it’s an opportunity you should look into.


Rite-Aid Antonio Brown’s Clean Dance Contest – #AntonioDanceContest

Going back to the sporting event that is not to be named (unless you have sponsorship permission for promotions like Rite-Aid appears to have) there’s a current contest out there that is drumming up some great content. Users are asked to submit a video of their cleaning dance for a chance to win a trip to this illusive sporting event.


These are just a small handful of the promotions that were out there in 2016 that we felt deserved a head nod. They are great examples of what you can do to elevate your promotions to stick out, and how to get your audience in tune waiting for the next big time from your channel. Leaving 2016, we’re excited to see what new promotions surface for 2017. If you need any help coming up with ideas for your brand, hit us up, we’d love to help!

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