8 Brands Taking Advantage of #ThrowbackThursday

At Ignite Social Media, we’re all about starting conversations and hashtags are a great way to do that. One of the more popular hashtags is Throwback Thursday or #TBT. The trend began as a way for people to share older pictures of themselves or reminisce about the past in general. Brands have also jumped on the bandwagon and have found some pretty creative ways to do so.

Here are 8 brands using the Throwback Thursday hashtag well:


BMW’s history is filled with gorgeous vehicles. So, finding a classic Bimmer isn’t exactly a tough task.


Another car brand with a rich heritage, Dodge has plenty of beautiful muscle cars to show off. This tweet puts a nice twist on Throwback Thursday asking followers which style they prefer: classic or modern.

Full Disclosure: Dodge brand is a client of Ignite Social Media.

Land Rover USA

Land Rover SUVs are known for their ability to climb every mountain and ford every stream. This tweet reminds followers of that fact by showing a picture of the Range Rover that travelled all the way from Alaska to Chile.

People Magazine

I know the holidays are over and you’re probably sick of them by now, but I couldn’t resist sharing this AMAZING picture of Justin Timberlake. And you thought pictures of YOU from the 90s were embarrassing. This post excels on several levels: it’s a fantastic nostalgia play, it’s very funny, and most importantly, it’s easily shareable, which is why it garnered almost 600 retweets.


Back in the 1980s, soda manufacturers switched from real cane sugar to high-fructose corn syrup due to tariffs. A few years ago, PepsiCo decided to bring back a limited amount of “throwback” Pepsi and Mountain Dew made with “real sugar.” What better way to incorporate into Throwback Thursday than soda with the same name.

Red Bull

Red Bull forgoes talking about itself to bring up the classic Konami Code. A tweet like this one would be inappropriate for most brands, but it fits Red Bull’s voice and style perfectly.

Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines busted out this groovy photo of its very first hub in Houston. Showing the company is still serving there 42 years later is a subtle way of showing how successful the brand has become.


Not only did Wendy’s use a classic photo for its Throwback Thursday post; it also used the opportunity to brag about an important innovation in fast food history.

Creating Content for Throwback Thursday

How should you participate in Throwback Thursday? Think about the history of your brand. Have you had any important firsts or innovations? Do you have any photos of your company in its infancy? Would it be fun to share in some nostalgia with your followers? If the answer is “yes” to any of these, you should start getting ready to add a Throwback Thursday post to your content mix.

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