5 TikTok Stats That Will Blow Your Mind

You can’t talk social media anymore without mentioning TikTok. The wildly popular social media platform has taken off since its launch in 2016 booming its way to the top of “best of” and “most popular” charts in countries across the world.

As people are spending increasingly more time on their cell phones, social platforms continue to battle for attention on content-flooded social feeds. Here are 5 mind-blowing stats that will make you wonder why your business hasn’t started crushing it on TikTok yet.

1. TikTok has 1 billion monthly active users as of January 2022

Yeah, you read that right – 1 billion active users each month. A study completed by Statista found that as of January 2022, TikTok’s monthly users topped the 1B mark. While the increase in time people spent on their phones last year might be attributed to the COVID pandemic, don’t let that take anything away from that number. For how competitive the social-sphere can be, 1 billion active monthly users is no joke.

2. TikTok is the top downloaded app globally (and has been since 2020)

TikTok is now king and has the numbers to prove it. Three billion installations worldwide and only needed until April of last year to achieve it. According to Sensor Tower, “TikTok became only the fifth non-gaming app to reach the 3-billion level and the first not owned by Facebook (now Meta).”

3. Users spent an average time of 850 minutes (14 hours) on TikTok monthly

People love TikTok – whether it’s the video algorithm that pushes relevant videos to the top of your “For You Page” (FYP) or the short-form video that encapsulates the ever-decreasing attention span of our generation – it’s VERY easy to lose time scrolling your FYP feed. A study done by Statista found that US TikTok users that spent time on the app grew from an average of 442.9 minutes/month in 2019 up to 858 minutes/month in 2020. Imagine how much time users will spend on this app if this growth continues annually. It’s astronomical.

4. TikTok has overtaken Google as the most popular web domain

Talk about the influence of Gen Z 👀 – there might be a new king of the internet and — spoiler alert — it’s not Google. According to an article by Cnet, tech-security company Cloudflare ranked the most-visited websites of the year. TikTok, which was ranked #7 in 2020, has overtaken Google as the most popular web domain in 2021.

5. 69% of U.S. Teenagers regularly use TikTok

In 2021, Piper Sands polled 10,000 Gen Z teens in the US about social media platforms and their usage. The results? TikTok very much appeals to the younger generation. While snapchat continues to hold the number 1 spot as favorite among America’s youth, TikTok is gaining popularity, edging out Instagram for second place. Influencer Marketing Hub noted that, “TikTok adoption is rising — up to 71%, compared to 62% who used the app in Spring 2020. In comparison, 84% of the teenagers used Instagram, 78% Snapchat, 41% Twitter, 34% Pinterest, and just 28% Facebook.”

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