Instagram Adds New Features For Advertisers Only and Facebook Likes Are Set to Drop | Social You Should Know

Instagram Adds Carousel Photos, Clickable Images for Advertisers Only

In a very important update, Instagram is capitulating to advertiser demands by allowing clickable links in their ads. But not for regular users, only for paid advertising. At the same time, they are also allowing for carousel-style photos to appear all at once. But again, only for advertisers. It’s not hard to imagine one or more of these features becoming available to users if/when Instagram decides it should be so, but in the meantime it does make advertising on the platform much more creative and much more measurable.

Your Brand’s Facebook Likes May Fall on March 12

Later this week, you may have fewer fans on Facebook than you do today. If you’re one of the (few) brands left measuring success by fan counts, you may want to warn your bosses that this is coming. It’s really not a bad thing, as Facebook is simply purging accounts of those who have passed away or voluntarily deactivated their accounts. In fact, it may make your targeting and your engagement rate ever so slightly higher.

Google+, We Barely Knew Ya

Google+ the social network that was never particularly social or networked is breaking itself apart. Google announced this week that Google+ will split into a Photos service and a Streams service, with Streams being the news feed as a standalone. Hangouts will live on, but won’t be part of Google+ anymore. This Wired article does a nice job explaining it all while making a somewhat compelling argument that this move makes Google+ more interesting than ever.

And finally, if you’ll be at SXSWi this week, let me know. Ignite Social Media will be on stage in Austin, making the largest announcement in the nearly 8 year history of our company. Email me if you’re in town. Otherwise, watch for the news in next week’s Social You Should Know.

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