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Ignite Your Week: Facebook Updates Key Metrics

Our President, Deidre Bounds, shares insights on Facebook updates to key metrics in this week’s edition of Ignite Your Week.

Facebook Updates Key Metrics


Relevancy Score

Today we’re going to talk about Facebook’s new relevancy scores, their new ranking. Relevance score measures whether the ads you ran were relevant to the audience you reached.¬†Previously there was one score that your ads were compared to for relevancy. Now there will be three. The three scoring methods are quality, so the quality of your ad compared to competing ads for the same audience.

Engagement Rate & Conversion

Second is engagement rate, the rate of engagement your ad has compared to competing ads for the same audience. And then third is conversion, so again, how your ads compare to competing ads for the same audience. Lots of same audiences there. Whenever there is a new update, there’s always, always pros, and there are always things you want to watch out for. The big pro for this update is additional insight, so you’re going to get better insights on how your ads are performing.

Watch Outs for Metrics Updates

Things to watch out for are really two things. The first is, as Facebook compares your ads to competing audiences, those audiences may not be the audiences you consider to be real competition. The second is even though these are new relevancy scores, they don’t really factor in how your ads will compare at auction. So those are two big things you want to watch out for. These new updates go into place April 30th, so be on the lookout for them; we sure will. And we’ll keep you updated as we learn more and as we get more insights. In the meantime, we look forward to seeing you on our next Ignite Your Week.

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